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Introducing: The Deuce


Thats really why I want to do it. Because the amount of movie info is too much for one person to be able to find out/write about. I’ll def need some help and it will give people a chance to just post info and help out a bit. Which would be great.

Silent Night Deadly Night: One of the first slashers I ever saw on VHS back in 84-85. You better believe it scared the crap outta me. The scene with the grandfather I always remembered just creeping me out big time. I was about the same age as the little kid in it.


If people signed up on that forum, it would be easier to moderate the members who contribute.


I agree for that one reason only. Any risk of a douchebag troll having complete control over The Deuce should be prevented. Even though a new forum could mean an overlapping of some topics found on both the Deuce and QTA.


Scar: I just figured it would be a fresh start for the Grindhouse-Exploitation topics. Then I can keep tabs on contributors, stay up to date on what I need to add, things I can do to make it better etc. I dont think its going to take any attention away from this site or anything. Theres thousands of people signed up in here.

We’ll see what Seb thinks, its his call of course.


Plus you can probably bring alot of people who just like exploitation films even non members to the forum unless you still want it to be the QTA crowd in the forum. Either way I dig it! :smiley:


Id definitely like more non QTA members who are Grindhouse fans to be a part of it. It really is brand new, so we have time to see what happens with it. I hope I can keep it going for years.


I was thinking of how cool it would be to have an section for movies/tv shows where they mention an explotation movie either by talking about it or showing a poster in the background. You can check out an topic that Laydback has started <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 097.0.html”>,7097.0.html</LINK_TEXT>

to get what I kind of mean.


-In Death Proof Stuntman Mike talks about “Vanishing Point” and “Dirty Mary Crazy Larry”

-In Death Proof you see an character wearing a “Faster Pussycat Kill Kill” shirt

-During Kinjite you can see a sign for “Emmanuelle and Maid In Sweden”.

and so on…


Me: I like it! Right now Ive been setting the basics of the site up (cataloguing mostly). When the forum opens, then your ideas can be put to good use. Plus you guys will be able to add things yourself. We can talk about these things and whatever is a solid idea, we can add in there. My goal is to have The Deuce cover every nook and cranny of Exploitation Cinema Circa 1930s-1980s. So theres endless possibilities for additions, special sections etc.

I look forward to chatting with you guys more about this stuff! :slight_smile:


Oh so there will be a forum? Thats awesome! It would be cool to have all the movies in one section of the forum you could call it “Welcome to the grindhouse” section or whatever, people can click on a movie say Deliverance or I spit on your grave and people can just sit back and talk about the movie. I also think it would be a good idea to have the year by the movie. Anyway I can wait!


LOL @ I can wait.

I think Im going to break it up into genre sections pretty much like the site itself. Then whichever films in the genre you want to discuss you can. Also it will be a good place to pick up news on DVDs, grindhouse related info and that kind of stuff.


Oops I meant to say "I Cant Wait"

Yeah definitely need an xploitation dvd board.


Heres an short review:

Death Rides A Horse:

Im not the biggest western fan in the world but I do enjoy a good western movie every now and then and let me tell you Death rides a horse is one of the best. The title “Death rides a horse” should be on the “Greatest movie titles” list because before you even watch the movie your already excited by it. You got everything you need for a good western: Revenge in the plot, Lee Van Cliff, Ennio Morricone soundtrack, and some great gun fights!



Me: I decided to discontinue to Spaghetti Western section on the site simply because Sebs got The SW Database going. I figured Id just link directly there instead of trying to do a separate thing myself.

All other genres are still going though. Thanks man!

One thing I wanted to add for people who dont want to write extensive reviews of movies is a “Projectionist Comments” option. So if you saw a film and just want to give a brief description etc, thats what it will be listed as. If you want to write reg long reviews, it will go under “Film Review”.


Me: I decided to discontinue to Spaghetti Western section on the site simply because Sebs got The SW Database going. I figured Id just link directly there instead of trying to do a separate thing myself.

All other genres are still going though. Thanks man!

Oh I had no idea :frowning: oh well…


A new promotional clip for The Deuce:

The resolution on it isnt very good so Im gonna try to upload it again later when I get some time.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


What’s the song that plays in the beginning. I know it’s used in Kill Bill. Great video.


Awesome vid!


Thanks dudes. :slight_smile:

Bio: That chunk-chunk sound effect is Super 16 by Neu (used originally in the film I played it over: Master of The Flying Guillotine).

Updated vid link (better quality):


Nice job, as usual.

Where’d you get that Cool Breeze footage from?


Great vid pete.

I found this short documentary broke into four parts. It’s about synapse films(dvd label) and there is some interesting exploiation talk in it(i’ve only watched part 1 and 2) Part 2 is where they really start to talk about exploitation films.


LB: Thanks, I got the Cool Breeze footage from a trailer compilation called AFRO PROMO. Its all black genre film trailers.

Me: Thanks on the vid. Im gonna check that doc out too. Thanks for posting!

Good News: The Deuce Film Forum is on the way. It will be opening soon. All QTA exploitation film fans are welcome to join! :slight_smile: