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InglOUrious BastErds (title controversy)

Inglorious Bastards or Inglourious Basterds (my favorite: Inglorious Bastards)

… anyways, I’m waiting for a reply from the person who took a photo near the studios, which is a photo of a “crew only” parking space with “inglourious basterds” written on it…

They kept the extra “u” in “inglourious” ???

I know, but it looks exactly like on the script, so either quentin himself wrote it on there for the copy machine, or they just took it from the script, last I heard they kept the “e” but they didn’t say anything about the “ou”

Sounds like Inglourious Basterds is the actual title. You should ask the studio if thats the real spelling so we can fix the wiki etc.

well the last time I asked, “they” told me they’re going with “Basterds” right now, no word about the other part of the title…

I like that its not the standard spelling. Makes it unique. Plus it will separate it from the other film title a bit.

Do we have to pronounce it the way its spelled?.. if so everybody is gonna sound like a bunch of brain dead rednecks when they talk about this movie…maybe that’s the point

well i like the e for a part in bastards but the double ou in inglorious? eh…

This will be the next argument that will come up. :slight_smile:

You got that right, Pete. “Inglourious Basterds”? Are you fucking kidding me? Is that like a play on the way the French/Germans say it? I don’t like that spelling at all. :-</E>

Is that like a play on the way the French/Germans say it? [/quote]

uh, no

Well then I wonder what the reason is. There has to be a reason or million as is always the case with QT. On paper though, the title begs for you to consider it as something far-removed from “masterpiece”. Wouldn’t you agree?

LOL I saw this train a coming from a mile away. Im all ready for it.

Theres no way I’d even bother arguing about the spelling of the title. Its QTs film and I really dont think its stupid at all. I like it. Theres some point for it, Im sure, so theres nothing else I need to say.

If you really dont like it, protest it. Dont go see the film because of the fuckin SPELLING OF THE TITLE!


I’m not arguing but looking over the script again I noticed that the movie has chapter titles like Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill did. In IB one of them is entitled “inglorious basterds” no extra u in inglorious an e in place of an “a” in bastards. And according to the script the title card is supposed to read “inglorious basterds”

whcih is also the last official information I have… so let’s hope for that

I prefer Inglorious Basterds cause it sounds cool! But when I add a few more "ou"s and imagine Quentin pronouncing it, it’s really funny: Inglououourious Basterds! ;D

The official title, as will be announced later, will be:

Inglurioz Bä7tarts

Senator Entertainment just confirmed the german release title (forced upon them by QT himself):

Nein-wunderbar Schweinehunds

all confirmed information, trust me on this.

I don’t particularly like things being spelled wrongly. It’s annoying. Like that flick Kid Rock was in a few years back, “Biker Boyz”, annoying. That’s just one example. I will deal with it, since it’s Quentin. If it wasn’t, I’d talk about how stupid it is. Sorry… I mean, “From Dusk TILL Dawn” annoys the shit outta me, but, I like it, so I deal with it.

In the script it says “Basterds” all the time. If you look at all my posts, I’ve always spelled it as “Basterds”.

Plus it will separate it from the other film title a bit.

I believe this is the reasoning.

Otherwise, Sam Jackson,George Clooney and Antonio Banderas would have already been casted.