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IB Fan Art

I couldn’t resist making a banner with the three images we have so far.

Hope you like.

not bad. can u make a poster to replace the red one we currently use?

I can try, Sebastian. I’m no expert at artist things, but I try my best. Any ideas for it?

Very cool Cyd! Thanks.

I love it! And of course I’ve already used it…

Thanks :-*

Welcome :slight_smile: It was a first attempt, and I think I could have blended Brad better.

I´ve made a wallpaper this week:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … gtptw8.jpg”></LINK_TEXT>

Some icons for your profiles in celebration.

Free for all, no need to ask if you want one. They 80 by 80 and all have a thin black frame round them.

thanks dude. Hope it’s cool if I use my favs and make a sig of them.

Go right ahead.

Sig bar anyone…

EDIT - Seb, can you do something about what size pics can be shown, they just get squished and the finished quality when posted is shit.

Dreag the images into your address bar in your webs browser.

After i watched the IB teaser a dozen times today i thought of making a simple wallpaper. Now, as i finished it, i thought i should show it to some QT-fans :wink:

check the two links here:

btw sry 4 my bad english ;>

fine work

Yeah, I like the second one. “A Basterd’s work is never done” :smiley:

Those are really great Cyd, keep up the work!

what comes to those samploo’s pieces of art, I prefer the second one also. Very nicely done.

Anyone know the font used for the logo?

Great job guys! Thanks for sharing!

I love the top sig bar

I found the font used in the logo of Inglorious Basterds, it’s called
GIZA sevenseven

well signature size are set in the board rules. so you should make something way thinner. and federico, your signature is also way too big.

i’m thinking of changing signature policy once i upgrade the forum. but then there’ll be complaints about no signatures…so the compromise is really thin (100px high or so) signatures