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I know YOU liked Kill Bill, but did your friends?

When my two friends and I went to see Kill Bill Vol. 1 they absolutely hated it. One kept on bashing about it the whole day saying it was fake. The other friend didn’t say much. It’s kind of funny because the one that was bashing me is much like the other friend when it comes to movies because they are all mainstream, but the bashing one though Crade 2 the Grave was “cool.” Come on! The other friend likes Bad Boys 2 and is into any movie that has cool cars.

Anyway, I rented Volume 2 (cause I havn’t gotten mine from yet those bastards) and the other friend watched it with me. I tried to get his reaction to the movie. He laughed at all of the right parts. He was tense during the begining of the film and goes: “Is the whole movie black and white because I can’t stand those pictures.” (For God’s sake. I hate those people that bitch about black and white movies. Some of the greatest classics were black and white and people back then didn’t bitch about it) I asked him at the end of the movie if he liked it. He said yeah, but he still didn’t say much. He said he didn’t like volume 1 because it was all blood and guts and swordfighting. (without the swordfighting, it sounds just like the typical mainstream action movie if you add in the ridiculous plot and bad acting) He said he liked volume 2 because you know more of the story and he said quentin did a good job with making it look like it took place during the 70s. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well when I went to watch Volume 1 with 2 of my mates, both of them liked it. They thought it was cool, and enjoyed the action and looked forward to the next volume. I went to see Volume 2 with 7 other people (including one the guys that came with me to watch Volume 1) and they all HATED it. During the movie they kept shouting things out like “How fucking lame is this” and “What the fuck?” it was really sad. Than when the last scene came on with Bill and Beatrix talking, they proceeded to throw popcorn and chocolates around the place and kept shouting “Borring” at the screen. It was fuckin’ awful. I too, like them came out of the cinema hating that movie and I was like “Fuck, QT really fucked up that movie” I was like shivering man, I couldn’t believe it that Quentin Tarantino (presumably a God) fucked up a movie. That just didn’t happen, I was fuckin amazed. I especially despised that part where that Karen Wong (?) was reading that pregnancy box, I felt that was lame as hell. Then my mates for the duration of that day took the PISS out of the movie and kept complaining to me about it. But deep in my mind, I knew that I would eventually love the movie (like I did with Volume 1 because when I first saw it I didn’t like it and now it is like in my top 5 movies) Anyway, i then kept watching the copy I had at home which I didn’t wanna watch before, for obvious reasons. And like on my 2nd viewing, I began to LOVE the movie. For the record, Kill Bill (both volumes) is my most watched movie of all time (even though i like Pulp Fiction better!!)

What I have noticed is that only Tarantino fans love his movies. Only Tarantino fans know what he is referencing, and where he was coming from and why he did what and how he did what etc etc. We know all these answers (and seek them out if we don’t) and that’s why we love his movies. Now these mainstreamers, they don’t know jack shit about QT, and many of them haven’t even heard of a Spaghetti Western. I have to explain to them why the scene with Pai Mei was shot like that and why it looked like how it did and so forth. So because we know more than the average movie-goer, we appreciate QT’s work more and tend to love his films more. along with the dialogue and music and the coolness, we also like the way he shot this and the reason why he did that and the ‘little details’. Than you get those mainstreamers who do actually like his movies still not knowing why he does what he does and what he is referencing etc, and so like his movies because of dialogue and style and coolness and such (as we do)

I don’t want to go on and on bout this shit but, I have converted many an average-movie goer to a Tarantino fan simply because I have explained to them all the little details. They then begin to see the genius of it and ultimately fall in love with it.

However, as unfortunate as it is, there are those who know exactly everything about the man and his movies as we do but proceed to call him a ‘stealer’ who can’t come up with something original and who just ‘homeages’ other movies (damn bastards make me so angry!!)

My friends liked it. They probably didnt love it like I do. And I think most of em liked vol 1 more then vol 2 (while I tend to prefer vol 2).

I’ve got the idea that my friends found the last chapter (after the Esteban (Estaban?) scene a bit corny, while imo it’s one of the best chapters.

But they didn’t hate it.

All of my friends who saw Vol. 1 enjoyed it on some level. Not many people I know have seen Vol. 2. My Dad prefers Vol. 1, my Mom and Uncle prefer Vol. 2. I can’t decide, since they were cool for different reasons.

Personally, I think the “fakeness” of Kill Bill is one of the main reasons I like the movies. I saw Vol. 1 not knowing who QT was, but the movie (mainly for it’s action, I admit) sparked my interest enough to find out. Thanks to Tarantino, I’m slowly but surely moving away from being solely “mainstream”, though I’ve always watched movies I’ve never heard of or that a person my age wouldn’t normally watch (Blade Runner, Pitch Black, Secret Window, and other assorted wierd stuff). Hey, I just love things that are different!

Its ok to dislike Kill Bill, but the people who bash it are quite simply the biggest bunch of dickheads ever to walk the earth. And yes people liking Cradle to the Grave and disliking Kill Bill just cements this fact. Teenagers are fucking stupid and widely ignorant in general, of course this doesnt mean all are. But the fact is - teenagers in general are stupid.

Everybody i’ve talked to about Kill Bill (dozens prolly) fucking loves the movie. Some have said it was ok but they were like geeky chicks who like disney movies.

Most of the people i know have only seen Vol.1 so far…and most of them like it…but its funny cause one of my best friends HATED it. He thought it was so dumb that there was so much blood. I dont even try to explain the whole “grindhouse” aspect of the violence to him, he still wouldnt get it, hardheaded bastard. Oh yea, and he HATED the animation sequence for some reason. But mostly everyone else that Ive talked to liked it. My girlfriends aunt hated Kill Bill too. I was watching it with her husband one night (who loved it)…and she walked by and was like “that movie’s STOOpid!”…all i could think was “bitch, go watch Bad Boys 2 or Van Helsing you retarted ogre”…she loved those movies

i think Kill Bill is one of those movies where you either hate it or love it…and in my case Im practically obsessed with Kill Bill

Most people who bash it see it as an A-Film. While in fact it’s this huge B-movie megamix.

Which is what’s so cool about it.

It’s good at what it does, most people just don’t see what it’s doing.

Or most people are just stupid.

I really don’t care what other people think I loved it and that’s all that matters ;D

[quote]I really don’t care what other people think I loved it and that’s all that matters ;D [/quote]

Amen to that

[quote]I really don’t care what other people think I loved it and that’s all that matters ;D [/quote]

That is true for me also, but you just can’t help getting pissed off at those who constantly take retarded digs at the movie and the guy who made it.

all my friends love it. I always try to arrange Kill Bill parties at me place.

seriously. i could give a rats ass about what my friends think. my 2 friends saw it before i did and were all like dont see it it suck there is like a scene where budd turns on the blender for like five min. after i saw i wanted to get a hanzo sword an chop the shit out of them

All of my friends loved “Kill Bill”, some more, some less, but almost everyone agreed, that Tarantino did something totally new in a very suspenseful and entertaining way. However, one of my friend is a lot into german art-cinema, and he didn’t like it at all. Says, he doesn’t want to watch it anymore, because the brutality totally turned him off and kinda shocked him, too. This left me a little clueless, well, because there is so much more to gain of this movie than sheer violence, but, hey, everyone his opinion. I also showed it to my father, and he loved it, but for different reasons than I did. He didn’t get all those cinematic quotes, and he doesn’t know a lot of Tarantino in general, but he appreciated the black humour, which was showing in a lot of scenes. He also dug the ending of Vol.2 where it got all emotional with Bill dying (not a spoiler anymore, right?) and the Bride seeing her daughter again. He still has to see the “Showdown in the HOBL” in full glorious, japanese color, though.

All of my friends liked it. One of my best friends said that he was a little dissapointed with the ending. Said he wanted the “big sword fight” between the two.

I love the ending the way it is and I don’t think it could have been made as powerful in any other way.

The first time I saw Kill Bill vol 1, I was alone. I mean, alone, I didn’t take anyone (cos all my friends went to a school dance that friday and I decided to see Tarantino’s new movie instead (since it had been 7 years since JB)) And no one was in the theater either… as it was a 9 o’clock show in a pretty small town, with a school dance going on. I loved the movie. I purposely read nothing about Kill Bill, aside from the release date… and all I knew about it was that it was split into two volumes. Anyway, after I saw it, I went the next day with a couple of friends. One of them liked the action and stuff, but thought the story was too bland and cliche… so I told him to hold off till Vol 2 knowing that it had to be more story driven cos it’s QT and I know QT. The other friend said that the action was pretty lame… no so much the blood and unrealism of it… just over the top. So I immeditately took her home and made her watch some Kung-Fu and Samurai movies. She loved it after that. Then I’ve talked to other friends that LOVE the movie…and some that didn’t like it, cos they get sickened by blood. But anyway… the weekend before Vol 2 came to theaters, my theater got Vol 1 to play at a midnight show. So I took about 15 friends and we all watched and we all LOVED it. We talked about it for hours afterwards. Then we all saw Vol 2 and loved it even more than Vol 1. Right after the credits rolled, we decided to just sit in our seats and they started letting other people in for the next showing… so we just stayed and watched it again. Most of my friends liked it. Only a couple girls didn’t like it. Which is understandable… or at least expected. But I love Kill Bill… only movie to rival it is Pulp, in my opinion

When I bought the Volume 1 DVD I watched it with my dad (he hadn’t seen it before) and he quite liked it. He didn’t complain about any of the scenes and enjoyed every minute of it. Yesterday I watched Volume 2 with my dad and I told him pryor to watching it that it would be borring for him because the first time I watched it I got bored (my opinion has changed though obviously). Anyway, we watched it and I asked him if he liked it after it finished and he said he did. I asked him which one of the two volumes he liked better and he replied “Both were equally good” and I was very pleasantly surprised he liked the movie. I just got so happy!

My dad, when he was younger used to watch loads of spaghetti westerns and kung fu flicks and stuff and so he totally ‘got’ Kill Bill. He likes the Dollars trilogy very much and he knew of all the Morricone music that played in the film which he used to listen to when he was a child. I told him about Rodriguez also and showed him the Mexican Spaghetti Western music he composed and stuff. He also knew of the Pei Mai character and afterward we had a long talk about Spaghetti Westerns and Kung Fu flicks and Morricone and Leone and about directing and stuff, it was great.

[color=Purple]I was smart. I took my little brother with me to Vol 1. He is also a Quentin fan like I am. So I had no problems there. But when I bought it I had a Kill Bill Vol 1 party, and noboday liked it. Out of the 5 ppl that watched it with me. So when Vol 2 came out I went with my only friend who lked it. And I didnt have a party when Vol 2 came out. I just hung with my brother and watched it. I dont want to sit and here one of my fave movies get bashed by people who like movies with FReddie PRinze Jr in them. I mean come on!!

The one person who i thought would like it hated it. I didnt understand because he liked all other QT movies I made him watch. hmm. who knows!!!

My Friends liked it, but they didn’t thought it was a masterpiece or something.

Out of all my friends I’m the only real Tarantino fan.

All my friends liked Kill Bill, I took it into school on the last day of summer term and to see their faces when the bride cut sophie’s arm off at the house of blue leaves was priceless. But not all of them appreciate the little details, the art behind QT’s films.

Thanks allot to a very leanient maths teacher who let us whatch it!