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Grind House companion book


Im going to buy that B!tc6 after scool 8)


Does Any one have the book yet :-</E>


its not out yet as far as i can tell…


I just talked to Barnes & Noble here in my city, and they don’t know what the hell is going on with it. They thought it was supposed to be out on Tuesday too, but their computers say that the distributors don’t even have it yet. Somebody must have made a last minute decision to wait until closer to the film’s premiere. Fuck! I was looking forward to that shit, too.


Barnes & Noble are now taking pre-orders for the book. It will hit shelves on April 6.



amazon just cancelled my order!


amazon just cancelled my order!



ugh…April is too far for me :frowning:


Amazon is again listing the book from Titan books with the new companion book cover for March 23 and the companion book with no cover by Weinstein books for April 6


I think Amazon is messing this up. the new cover they have up for the one book is definitely the new cover. dont know what the other book is supposed to be. I think that in the end it will be one book that’s gonna be out.


Whoever’s messing things up (I don’t know who that is) better get their mutherf*ckin’ story straight, dammit!! >:( Either way I’ll be checking my local Chapters on March 23rd, Apr. 6th, and Apr. 14th just to be safe.

P.S. says we Cdn.s will be getting the 250 pg coverless book from the Weinstein’s on Apr. 14!! And the 288 pg covered book from Titan on March 23rd.


I will preorder both and see what happens


So, what is actually being released? The book, and the script?


seeing this from, the script will come out the day the movie opens in the US, april 6. there’s the Titan Books release March 23, which is the grind house companion book. the other stuff is i think a mistake… because weinstein books will be published by titan books, and troublemaker publishing is not really its own company that releases, so all we have is the Titan Books grind house companion book.


I getcha. I get the idea.


I’m wondering if the book will contain both scripts. I noticed that the Death Proof script will also (?) be available separately:

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??? 8)


Not knowing for sure what’s what is killing me! >:(


Ok I have the book right here, by weinstein books. hardcover. looks awesome. i’ll review it later this week


[quote=“The Seb”]
Ok I have the book right here, by weinstein books. hardcover. looks awesome. i’ll review it later this week

I’ll be looking forward to the review!


Ok to calm everybody’s confusion: there will be only ONE book. I will update everything has on the book with the correct info these days.



ISBN-13: same with 8 instead of 9 at the end

retail price 30 bucks