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Grind House companion book


updated the grind house wiki page with correct cover, hopefully correct amazon links and isbn numbers

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[quote=“PopeyePete”]If I bought it, It would be like when I read the Kill Bill script that got leaked online by some crazy mofo…8)

I resemble that remark.


who are you calling a crazy mofo? lol


So Amazon said it shipped, but I wasn’t expecting it till the 6th, I’m assuming it’s spoilerific… To read or not to read.


it shipped? wow. that’s early. well the stuff is finished, i mean, since over a week, didnt know they were gonna ship it already. guess i have to hurry up with my review then.


I read the first few pages of the planet terror script then jumped ot the making of, and was spoiled right away, though I figured that would happen, still I skimmed through, looked cool, skipped the Death Proof section completely, don’t want any spoilers for that one. Have to wait til after I see it.


yes there are lots of spoilers in it. but you could just read QT’s and RR’s introductions and then close the book again. that’s what I did, aside from skimming through some of the pictures and stuff.

it is a great fucking book. an expensive looking hardcover, lots of great pictures and so on, so much love went into that book, it’s great.


Hopefully Books a Million has these in. I’m checking first thing tomarrow!


Barnes & Noble received their copies today.



I just purchased my copy of the book last night at B & N. The design is awesome. I will not read past the intros until April 6 but did notice that the Planet Terror script is included in its entirety (the Death Proof script is available separately). Buy it!

:slight_smile: :o 8)


ok everybody buy this fucker, here’s the link:

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includes the entire Machete, Thanksgiving and Planet Terror scripts, lots of high res posters, interviews and more. really great especially if you’re into filmmaking and such.


Could you scan some pages, please? :angel:



[color=yellow]PDF 150 dpi (A4 format):


Awesome scans.


GREAT scans Federico! :-*


there cool as shet


I’ve been told by someone who owns a copy that the section dealing with the history of Grindhouse/Exploitation films is not in it. The same person told me that QT and RR say next to nothing about what films influenced Grindhouse in this book. And last but not least, he also told me there isn’t a list of QT’s fav Grindhouse/Exploitation films and a list of RR’s fav Grindhouse/Exploitation films in the book.


yea well in my opinion they wont put the movies they like in the book because then people will go out and watch the movies and think that rr and qt ripped them off. Same thing with kill bill QT allways shys away from saying he is a big bruce lee fan on the behind the scenes features because the whole initial crazy 88s scene is shot the exact same way as the scene in fists of fury where bruce lee fights all the guys at the martial arts training gym.


I just ordered it off amazon uk… i can’t wait to get it

someone tell me how good it is one more time!


Got it a few days ago, along with the Death Proof script… fantastic book! i love every page of it !!!