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Great movie until


s’ok. Now let’s quietly leave, before we spam this topic up the ass even more

The only scene out of the whole film I find cheesy scene is where Sex Machine changes into a vampire. Other than that FDTD is a fun film to watch. :slight_smile:

why did he want it to come off that way?[/quote]

Because it was an homage to the gore/explotation films from the 70's. Mainly a tribute to directors like Lucio Fulci, George Romero and to a lesser extent Bruno Mattei. They all made cheesyass zombie gore films from the late 70's into the early 80's. They contained an over-the-top amount of gore and cheesy themes to go along with it.

I didn’t mind the cheesy aspects too much. I just felt that it takes so long for the vampires to finally appear, that the rest of the movie feels rushed.

I didn’t think it felt rushed. But that’s obviously the gorehound part of me talking  :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont recognize those directors, but im sure they wouldnt have dont their films the same way if they had the same speical effets we have today.   [/quote]

Same with Star Wars and the technology they had back then. Even though the special effect were cheesy for Star Wars we still appreciate it right? We don’t rag on the original trilogy because the SFX sux do we? Well, I kinda do, but that just me. Anyway you see my point here

Hey, the special effects for Star Wars were top notch back then. I don’t know what you talkin bout. And they still kick ass.


[quote]Hey, the special effects for Star Wars were top notch back then.

That’s exactly what I was sayin, foo


That’s exactly what I was sayin, foo

you forgot to quote “and they still kick ass.” you said that the FX suck, but i said they they still rule. so we weren’t exactly agreeing, homey :-/

But if they made it with the best effects possible it would be just like every other vampire movie. What else is there to say, man? QT and RR made it cheese to make a homage to those 70’s horror flicks…you know…what Bullet said.

Do I have to repeat myself again? :wink:

Don’t get too cocky, newbie.

If you’ve never seen them, then you have no legitimate arguement against QT and RR’s stylistic effects in this movie. I haven’t seen them either, but at least I like it, so nobody gotz shit on me…

If you didn’t like the cheesy effects, then you have the right to critize the movie. Even if you haven’t seen its 70 style influences. It is all based on opinion.

No he doesn’t. He has no right to say his opinion here. This is a fascist message board, don’t you know that?

well, couldnt RR and QT have made the film in the same style as those flicks?  like i said, ive never seen em, but im sure if they’re worthy directors, they’re only distinguishing trait should not be cheesy special effects[/quote]

The F/X are what made those old gore films. Not the acting, not the chracters, just the gore and extreme violence. Look at Lucio Fulci’s Zombie, for the first half it’s more like a slow moving thriller with like one zombie attack, you think it’s gonna keep that pace, then it switches to a full-on gorefest like FDTD. It’s just the gore when it came to the style for these movies, nothing else.

I hoped that made sense.

eehh, I’m not that serious. You can think what you want and that’s your opinion. As long as you know From Dusk Till Dawn is EXACTLY the way it’s supposed to be. :-/

Yeah I made a fuckup and threw my account away. So I came back with the rockin Hana Bi avatar! ;D

[quote]yeah, i guess so, i just dont think thats enough to make a great director.

anyway, why are you a newb now? heh, like the avatar  [/quote]

who said they were great directors? they werent. it was just gore. and gore alone doesnt make a good director. thats why there are cheesy, gory effects in From Dusk Till Dawn. its supposed to look bad. thats the [i][u][b]point[/b][/i][/u]