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General Pinky Violence / Pinku Eiga thread

What is your favorite flick in Panic House’s “Pinky Violence”-Collection?

  • Criminal Woman: Killing Melody
  • Terrifying Girls’ High School: Lynch Law Classroom
  • Girl Boss Guerilla
  • Delinquent Girl Boss: Worthless To Confess

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Sorry with this constant renaming of old topics and creating new ones. Me, Dice and Laydback are convinced that the japanese Pink Cinema is the best thing in the world, and we all are totally over-excited about the genre. To avoid filling the asian cinema section with pink threads we though about making a “General Pinky Violence / Pinku Eiga thread”. This is for general pinky violence talk, as well as pinku eiga, roman porno and pretty much everything even closely related.

There’s still a number of old single thread and you can still make new thread for movies that you think deserve them. Currently we have:

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Update: Old Panik House pinky violence collection and hot spings geisha threads merged with this thread.

Female bikers! Catfights! Gang violence! Panik House’s Pinky Violence collection expands on classic exploitation “bad girl” archetypes with an explosive abandon. Fans of Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and Switchblade Sisters should brace themselves for the be-all, end-all and show-all of what’s possible in the realms of grindhouse girls gone way-past-wild.

Panik House has recently released this awesome looking box set. I haven’t seen any of the movies, but I have this box set on order (christmas present for myself). Has anyone seen these films yet? The box set includes the following 4 movies:

Criminal Woman: Killing Melody

(Japanese title: Zenka Onna Karoshi Bushi)

Terrifying Girls’ High School: Lynch Law Classroom

(Japanese title: Kyoufu Joshi Koukou Bouroku Rinchi Kyoushitsu)

Girl Boss Guerilla

(Japanese title: Sukeban Gerira)

Delinquent Girl Boss: Worthless To Confess

(Japanese title: Zubenko Bancho Zange No Neuchi Mo Nai)

Pics from:

Trailers: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … viole.html”></LINK_TEXT>

[color=red]dvd discussion topic: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … #msg105645”>;topicseen#msg105645</LINK_TEXT>

(this post was originally made December 11, 2006)

I’ve gone through 2 and a half movies of the set so far. Had fun with Girl Boss Guerilla, but I just wish they didn’t show that many shots of the dummy being dragged by the bike. ;D and I loved Ichiro’s brother. I just cracked up every time I saw him.

Some of Delinquent Girl Boss was slow because it took itself seriously, but it’s still a good movie. Yumiko Katayama is SUCH a babe!

And damn, I figured Criminal Womanb would’ve been my favorite of the bunch so I wanted to save it for last, but I watched about the first 25 minutes and thought “Aint no way Lynch Law Classroom will beat this one!” So I’ll save the rest for later and watch the other one later tonight.

I love this collection. 'nuff said.

okay, here’s my comments

Deliquent Girl Boss: Worthless to Confess

This was the first film I watched, and it was quite different from what I expected. Instead of a fast paced sleaze fest we get a slow moving melodrama. That may not sound very promising, but this is actually one of my favourite films from this collection. The film kept me entertained from start to finish. The characters are good, the storytelling is smooth, and the soundtrack works well. And even if the film feels a bit slow at times, it really pays back at the end. The finale offers one of the greatest sword fight massacres in recent memory. 8/10

Girl Boss Guerilla

There’s no way a film directed by Norifumi Suzuki and starring Miki Sugimoto and Reiko Ike can be bad. Girl Boss Guerilla may not be a masterpiece, but it’s a very cool and entertaining film nevertheless. There’s a lot of humour, crazy characters, good music and of course some extreme violence. Overall the film has more light hearted tone than many other Suzuki films. One thing I really liked was Reiko Ike’s great introduction scene that, for some reason, reminded me of Pam Grier in Jackie Brown. 7/10

Criminal Woman: Killing Melody

Another film starring Reiko and Miki. Criminal Woman may seem like a women’s prison flick at first, but it soon turns into a revenge film as Reiko Ike goes after the gang that murdered her father. Criminal Woman is another highly entertaining film filled with sex, violence, great music and general 1970’s coolness. The film also features the longest knife fight I’ve ever seen. 8/10

Terrifying Girls’ High School: Lynch Law Classroom

This is the greatest high school movie ever, no doubt about it. The story is about some sort of high school for young female criminals… the plot doesn’t make much sense but it doesn’t matter really. Suicides, sadistic torture scenes, lesbian sex, gang wars… that’s not something you see in your average high shool film. After this film there’s no denying Norifumi Suzuki is a genious. 8/10

Pinky Violence Collection is definitely �the box set of the year�. I really hope Panik House releases more of these awesome exploitation flicks in the future. These films have made me fan of both Reiko Ike and Miki Sugimoto. Especially Miki is just lovely. I would also like to see more films featuring Reiko Oshida (she looks damn cute in the first few scenes of Deliquent Girl Boss). And maybe Panik House could give us a R1 release of Toei’s Teruo Ishii box set….

Finally made it through all 4 movies. What a rush of excitement one could get from this!

I’m also glad to see more of Norifumi Suzuki’s library to throw away the notion that we could’ve had a hack here.

But I thought it was a nice touch of Panikhouse to release Sex & Fury/Yakuza Tale first so that we could warm up to Reiko Ike’s iconic persona. And then to see her try to reclaim the title from Miki Sugimoto in this collection (Even though all movies were made and released around the same time, one could think that they could be years apart) and I’m also a fan of these gals now…Especially “Lethal Lips”, My nickname for Miki 8)

btw, Reiko Ike looks fantastic at the end of Criminal Woman. That white dress was just perfect. And the green shirt she was wearing under the jacket… that was even better :smiley:

I liked Natsuko’s all-black leather outfit too :-* Drool city!

And did you happen to know the name of the actress who played Uko in Girl Boss Guerilla? God, she was gorgeous.

Damn, if this collection wasn’t so expensive, I’d be buying it right away. On the other hand, if I wait to long, it may be out of print faster than you can spell “Girl Boss Guerilla” . . .

Damn, if this collection wasn’t so expensive, I’d be buying it right away. On the other hand, if I wait to long, it may be out of print faster than you can spell “Girl Boss Guerilla” . . .

H-Fist did say over at the DVD forum here that this was in limited release so I just didn’t want to take no chances and bought it ASAP…And yeah, it aint cheap.

The Panikhouse site does say that Sex & Fury has completely sold out. Lots of folks just underestimate how hot these type of flicks are!

Doesn’t she look just like Pam Grier in Jackie Brown?

-Reiko Ike in Girl Boss Guerilla

[quote=“Hung Fist”]

Doesn’t she look just like Pam Grier in Jackie Brown?

-Reiko Ike in Girl Boss Guerilla


Hey, I re-watched Delinquent Girl Boss last night and was surprised I didn’t ask this before, but that “Greeting/Pledging” action that the Girl Gangs often do (Seen here)

Do you know if this an authentic thing that the gangs really did?

Do you know if this an authentic thing that the gangs really did?

No idea. Maybe. But if it’s not based on reality, then the film makers came up with a pretty fucking cool idea.

Matt Kennedy from Panik House (my personal hero, lol) posted some info about how the Pinky Violence Collection was put together: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … shtml#c123”></LINK_TEXT>

He also mentioned “There will be more Pinky Violence from Panik House in 2006 & 2007”. Damn great news.

[quote=“Hung Fist”]
Matt Kennedy from Panic House (my personal hero, lol) posted some info about how the Pinky Violence Collection was put together: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … shtml#c123”></LINK_TEXT>

He also mentioned “There will be more Pinky Violence from Panik House in 2006 & 2007”. Damn great news.

Yikes! That means more possible blind-buying from me!

Quote from Matt Kennedy

"I just picked up another handful of Toei titles. I listened carefully to what some of you had to say, and I decided to sign a couple of complete series. I didn’t feel it was feasible to do this with the Sukeban films, because I felt that those films are wildly uneven in terms of quality from one film to the next, but with the two series I recently acquired, I am proud to say that each film is excellent. Each can easily stand alone, and each is an extremely fulfilling viewing experience. The two series I selected are proto-Pinky Violence films; these are the films that actually launched the genre.

The Yoen Dokufuden trilogy which starred Junko Miyazono is the series that actually ushered in the Pinky Violence genre. Sex & Fury was a take-off on the popularity of this series and Reiko Ike had won a contest to replace Junko in an as yet unnamed film back in 1968. These types of star-making contests were just as popular in Japan in the late 60s as they appear to be now in the USA, and many of the entrants would go on to star in their own series. Two were helmed by master director Nobuo Nakagawa, who was every bit as important to the evolution of the Pinky Violence film as Teruo Ishii and Norifumi Suzuki were, but Nobuo didn’t have to wait decades for his acclaim. He was heralded as a genius back then, and remained popular throughout his career without compromising his artistic vision. He is perhaps the closest thing to a Kurasawa that one could find in the genre of female yakuza cinema at Toei during this era.

I’ve also acquired the two Meiko Kaji Lady Yakuza films known as Gincho Wanderer, which were the films that made her a star at Toei, and you’ll know why when you see them. These films paved the way for Lady Snowblood, and just about every other film that would soon follow. It’s no big secret that Reiko Ike is my favorite actress, but when it comes to full-on Iconoclast, Meiko Kaji is the original. She was the single most influential force in Japanese culture, fashion and music in the late 60s and early 70s, and was an outspoken feminist who helped usher in the social changes taking place at that time. Studio Voice ran an article a few years ago on the impact she had on the fashion industry in Japan back in her heyday, and the article caused a complete resurgence in her popularity that has lasted through today. There’s a reason why Quentin Tarantino has named her his favorite actress, and she can be heard singing on the soundtrack to both Kill Bill films.

I also picked up a couple of Pinky Horror titles. The two most important, actually:

Horror of the Malformed Men & Snake Woman’s Curse (which is known by so many different titles that this one might change by the time I release it).

The first is among the most notorious films in Japanese history. More controversial upon it’s release than Battle Royale and Audition combined and multiplied. It is an often discussed and rarely seen film, and it is without a doubt Teruo Ishii’s masterpiece. It was his favorite of his own films, and contains his signature Grand Guignol style taken to levels heretofore unseen. In short, it is a masterpiece in the cinema of transgression whose only peer is perhaps El Topo.

Snake Woman’s Curse is another Nobuo Nakagawa classic that takes horror film conventions and turns them on their head. An eerie masterwork on par with Eyes Without A Face, it is a very jarring film experience, and will make a great companion to the release of Malformed Men.

There will be even more to come as I negotiate with the studios on still more titles. I haven’t set any release dates for these, as I’ve yet to receive the materials, but I’m confident that 2006 will see the release of at least two of them.

In the meantime, look forward to two more Teruo Ishii titles in July:

Screwed & Blind Beast Vs. Killer Dwarf, which will continue to push the envelope of Asian Cinema as only Panik House can."

[size=80]<LINK_TEXT text=“ … or-of.html”></LINK_TEXT>[/size]

8) 8) 8)

Horror of a Malformed Man!


Thanks for this news, Fist!

Added a Poll for everyone who’s seen those movies already (I haven’t . . . :’( )

Like I said, I loved all 4, but I went ahead and voted for CWKM.

It’s as if Jack Hill (In his heyday) went straight to Japan to shoot something and this is what he came back with!

Heh, I thought the same thing after just watching it today. I haven’t watched Lynch Law Classroom or Girl Boss Guerilla yet.

A hard choice. Guerilla has the coolest topless scene in movie history (Miki at the beach) (lol), Deliquent has one of the best action scenes of the 70’s, High-Scool’s got ummm… high school girls doing all kinds of Things… But ultimately I choose Criminal Woman for great soundtrack, superb style and Reiko’s beautiful dress at the end.