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FDTD would still be great film if there wasnt any vampires! Actually, it might be much cooler!

no, i think it’s just cool as it is. A gangster flick turning suddenly into vampire hell.


  1. the FX. What the fuck should that green slime stuff be??? that looks so creepy? why can’t they just blood and burn?

    And i hate the limbs and stuff, they look to artificial!

  2. it’s too short. FDTD could have been longer. What happens in El Ray? What’s Kate doing etc…

Did you guys know that the title “From Dusk Till Dawn” is a movie term for an all night movie marathon at a drive- in or grindhouse?

As in:


Pretty cool huh? 8)

Pretty cool Vic.

Before i put the tape in my reciever i had no clue what FDTD was about. None whatsover except that Tarantino had a role and was the writer. So i was watching it and thinking ‘yeah cool movie…very much tarantino…the beautiful Salma Hayek dancing…’ then BAM the beauty turns into a fucking vampire and great actors like Harvey Keitel and George Clooney are suddenly vampire killers and shit. WTF??

I dont unrealistic movies. Only if they entertain me like hell. But i dont like vampire movies. FDTD was not such a big exception. i mean there were great parts and all with the Gecko brothers but they went to far with the vampire shit i didnt like it. I dont know. Its a great idea i guess but not my kinda style.

I think it would of been cooler without vampires for sure.


@vic: From Dusk Till Dawn does not neccessarily have anything to do with movies, because, it just means “from sunset to sunrise” and if that movie night goes from dusk till dawn, it is so ;_)

Actually the title From Dusk Till Dawn has two origins:

  1. All night Movie Marathons or “From Dusk Till Dawn” shows (which many times showed gore and vampire films).


  2. The time that vampires awake so they can go out and feed on victims. Which begins at dusk after the sun sets, to dawn, before the sun rises. ÂÂ

    Seb, I didnt just make that FDTD movie thing up. I read it in an article about the film.

    The film: I really liked it. Its like a Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez/George Romero film. How can you not like that?!! Its got everything, crime, humor, gore, vampires, sexy Salma, Tom Savini, Fred Williamson, Cheech Marin. Its AWESOME!! I love the way it starts out as a crime film then changes to a kill all vampires flick. And the music is great too. 8)


I thought it was really great. It’s one of my favorite movies. I second what Toothpick said.

Rock On Toothpick. You’re supercool

This movie is really fun to watch. And to see it with the commentaries of Quentin and Robert is really cool. You learn alot more about the movie. Like El Ray comes from THE GETAWAY book. And just interesting facts that makes the movie even more fun to watch.

FDTD is one DVD I havent got yet. But I wanna get the edition with Full Tilt Boogie attached. I do have El Mariachi and Desperado on DVD. I really like those films alot too.

I cant wait to see Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Im not really into those Spy Kids movies from Rodriguez though. The Faculty was ok, but I hate teen movies these days. I guess Rodriguez has some affinity for kids movies.

you HAVE GOT TO get the 2-disc FDTD set. It’s the greatest movie experience.

Full Tilt Boogie is a behind-the-scenes orgasm!!! and all the other specials are great too, especially the EXTREMELY funny audio commentary.

everybody be cool, you: be cool

Not trying to be a nitpicker but From Dusk Till Dawn belongs in “Quentins other flicks” category on the board. He didnt direct it, Robert Rodriguez did.

watch that 2-disc set i was talking about, he basically co-directed it, more or less.

to me, its a tarantino movie. he wrote it, he acted, and and Robert basically directed it. quentin used to always interrupt them here and there if he doesnt like something or so.

The region 2 DVD doesn’t have Full Tilt Boogie attached - at least not that I know of :frowning: Over here, the documentary is an extra feature on the Texas Blood Money DVD, for crying out loud ! :o

There watching FDTD on tv right now, and its the funniest thing ive ever seen. I dont know why they would put this movie on tv if they cut out about half of the movie. ;D

yeah, the tv version is so fucked up. here in germany they cut out “would you do me a favor and eat my pussy for me” so, Richie says “Yeah,sure” and you don’t know why. hehe

I was watching the TV version of FDTD last night. The overdubbing they did was pretty funny. Seth says to Richie “Your a funny nut” instead of fuckin nut. So Richie goes “Did you just call me a funny nut?” I was laughing at all the edited stuff they took out. Doesnt matter, the movies still alot of fun to watch either way. I was just thinking how it couldve been better if the vampires had personalities like in the Lost Boys, then it wouldntve been such a one dimsensional vampire fight. The whole crime story up till they get to the Kitty Twister was coolest part I think. They shouldve had more talking going on between the vampires and Seth and Jacob, etc.

The coolest parts of the movie:

The beginning is awesome. Its totally Tarantino. I love when Seth says “We’re gonna turn this place into The Wild Bunch…”. Another reference to a bloody as hell movie. Even the credits at the beginning look almost exactly like Pulp Fiction.

When Richie kills the bank teller and Seth is looking at what he did. The way Rodriguez uses that flash of red, very cool way to express the shock of the scene.

Seeing Big Kahuna Burgers pop up in the film.

When they get stopped at the border and the cops search the camper and they see Juliette Lewis on the toilet. Seth and Richie are hiding. That was a close call.

Scott is wearing a shirt that says “Precinct 13”. Then Seth and Richie assault the family so to speak. Assault on Precinct 13 is one of QTs favorite movies. Directed by John Carpenter (The Thing, Halloween, Big Trouble in Little China, Vampires).

The Satanico Pandemonium dance. The look on Richies face was classic.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the un-edited film because it’s the “Titty Twister” not the “Kitty Twister”

Yeah I knew its the Titty Twister. The edited version has The Kitty Twister.

Hey did you guys know that the hostage lady in FDTD (played by Brenda Hillhouse) was QTs acting teacher when he was younger? Pretty cool aye?

didn’t she play Butch’s mom in Pulp Fiction, too?

i dont think so, could be though