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Favorite WAR film

Don’t forget Jude Law and “Enemy at the Gates”. This is a really… acceptable film.

I chose Das Boot. What a great movie, particulary the long TV Version.

Damn, I really don’t know many movies, I see movies pretty rarely but now I’m doing it more regularly. So seeing how people make lists of their favourite 40 movies, where I could make a list of those 30 movies I’ve seen in my life, or their favourite movie of each year, seems strange. And of this poll I’ve only seen ONE movie, it’s Apocalypse Now which I saw today, so I voted for it, cause it’s really great and includes The End and is very cool and great. I don’t like war flicks really much anyway.


i hate it when they give war films this ‘modern’ ‘youthfull’ twist, keep it dark, war is hell

But seeing how alot of times soldiers can be as young as 18 or 19, there's really no point in saying that

with ‘modern’ and ‘youthfull’ i meant casting guys like Chris Klein, in other words: fags, are there fags in the army? yes, do they do to war? yes, do we have to movies about them? no, no we dont

just because you’re a pretty boy doesn’t make you a fag

I mean, Tom Cruise is rumored to be gay, and everyone loves Platoon so much, so yeah

with fags i meant pretty boys, not gays

and Tom Cruise wasnt even in Platoon, what do you mean?

by Tom Cruise I meant Charlie Sheen, because if you squint your eyes it kind of looks like the same. (sorry, God has bad vision)

so Charlie Sheen is somewhat of a pretty boy, but whatever, this conversation has gone on for too long…

did you mean Born on the 4th of July? Cruise played the lead role in that GREAT FILM about a gung ho soldier who returns home missing the lower half of his body and transforms into an anti war protestor who is spat on by the Nixon lovers.

More voting for Saving Private Ryan than for Platoon? :o Why?

True, out of the selection Platoon was the one that drew me in.

Platoon and Blackhawk Down

No Questions, my Vote goes for “Taegukgi”. It may not be as realistic as “Saving Private Ryan”, but the emotional content and characters are deeper. Furthermore the battle-Scenes are awesome, and there’s absoluteley no patriotic bullshit to be found.

I know its not a film, but latley I’ve really got into “Tour of Duty”…has a great theme tune too.

My choice is Apocalypse Now. Its my favourite war movie. Brando’s incredible. Very nice movie!

No Man’s Land or Black Hawk Down

No Man’s Land or Black Hawk Down

I added Black Hawk Down to the poll - hope that it is okay with Johnny who made the poll.

Tie between Saving Private Ryan & Apocolypse Now

someone misspelled Gettysburg

KING RAT - Based on a story by James Clavelle