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Favorite scene/chapter in KB 1 & 2

What are your favorite scenes in Kill Bill: Vol. 1? Make your own top 3!

Here’s mine:

3. Bang Bang

The whole beginning of the film with the blood-splattered bride in black & white, the commentaries by Bill and his shot in her head. Then Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang Bang”: Great!

2. You’re wicked life

The whole ending with the neon-lights, the Bride with her motorcycle suit and helmet and Sofie Fatale’s speech with Bill.

  1. Go-Go Yubari vs. The Bride & O-Ren Ishii vs. The Bride

    This two fights are simply genious so I want to take both as my No.1. The Bride’s fight against Go-Go Yubari is great because of the original Master of the Flying Guillotine music score and the brilliance of the fight. And the fight O-Ren against the Bride is simply great, too. It is a optical climax because of the snow, the two beautiful women trying to kill each other and the sword-style. And then comes Santa Esmeralda’s “Don’t let me be misunderstood”. Wow, just great!

    But the whole movie is full of “favorite scenes” I think. I’m looking forward to Volume 2 and I hope Quentin makes a few good Spaghetti-Western sequences and another great sword fight.

    SPOILER from VOLUME 2 ! ! ! I WARNED YOU ! ! !

    The fight of Elle Driver and the Bride will be great, I think. In the script Q.T. describes it so brilliant and the atmosphere in Texas is great for such a sword-on-sword fight against Daryl and Uma.

    SPOILER-END :wink:

1. Man From Okinawa, easily

2. Earl McGraw and Son Number One

3. Bride vs. O-Ren

3: Buck’s unfortunate end.

2: The sword spanking.

1: The House of the Blue Leaves in general.

3/ Bride VS O Ren Ishii

2/ Man from Okinawa

1/ House of blue leaves (crazy 88s)

My most favoritest scene off all has to be when O-Ren and her crew stroll in to the tune of “Battle Without Honor or Humanity.” But the whole House of Blue Leaves chapter gives me an orgasm, especially when Uma starts breakdancing and she cuts off Sofie’s arm. I also really enjoyed the montage of the Crazy 88 on their bikes while the Green Hornet theme plays in the background.

I also have much love for the chapter with Sonny Chiba. That is where I first really got into the movie and it holds a special place in my heart. When Hanzo writes “Bill” on the window and the Lonely Shepard starts playing, it really is a magical moment. That whole scene really gets me pumped up for the HOBL.

Buck his head trough the door. It’s so fucking painfull. Damn.

House of blue leaves, mainly before the fight: orens crew get there and that ‘battle without honor’ tune fades out to the 5, 6, 7, 8s, i just love the look go-go gives to all the hipsters her age who are dancing to the band! the music and the kids dancing while the bride checks out the place just make that scene for me, its so cool. and the build up just before she cuts off sophies arm is incredible!

also when oren tells the first guy to kick her arse and the sound fx that match the sound of him moving his head, and the fx when johnny mo runs out and his gang jump out from behind him add to the spectacle

On an unrelated note, I find it just a bit unsettling that I am having an orgasm while watching Kill Bill in the same room as a bunch of guys who are also simultaneously orgasming.


Leave me alone.

[quote]On an unrelated note, I find it just a bit unsettling that I am having an orgasm while watching Kill Bill in the same room as a bunch of guys who are also simultaneously orgasming. ÂÂ


Leave me alone.[/quote]

Nah don’t worry, same thing happens to me when I watch the HOBL sequence. :wink:

the over the top anime sequence :smiley:

1. Opening scene (QT sure knows how to hook an audience)

2. The whole sequence when the Bride wakes up from her coma.

3. The Anime/HOBLs scene.

[quote] i just love the look go-go gives to all the hipsters her age who are dancing to the band! [/quote]

I love that also. Go-Go looks so fuckin badass with her evil glare. 8)

5. Sophie in the trunk while the Bride is talking to her

4. Sword spanking

3. The Animated sequence

2. O-ren’s speech to the crime counsel

  1. The montage with them all arriving to the House of Blue Leaves to the tune of Theme from the Green Hornet.

    Sorry, that was five. ::slight_smile:

Nobody even mentions the Bride/Vernita fight, the first time we see the Shaw Brothers Zoom to the Bride’s eyes, that’s the best. Also, the dialog in that scene.

My favourite scene is the whole house of blue leaves scene especially how she cuts one of the crazy 88 in half. i also liked the starting sequence and the song Bang Bang playing after it.

Scene -“Does she know her daughter’s still alive"


"That girl deserves her revenge. And we deserve to die!”

Origin Of O Ren

the Tanaka Beheading

the Man from Okinawa scene

the sword scene

whole movie was good

3. Queen Of The Crime Council (I love the speech after the beheading)

2. The Man From Okinawa

  1. The House Of Blue Leaves

3. HOBL- There will never be another scene quite like this with all the action and the shit the Bride has to go through to reach Oren.

2. Battle w/ Oren- This had to be the coolest shit ever when they fought in the snow. Having that water contraption there to build on the tention of the scene was cinema gold. QT is a GOD.

  1. SQUARE- The Bride telling Vernita how they can finally put his shit to rest. When Uma tells her “then were Square” was the coolest line of thhe movie, especially since she moved her hands to make a square ALA Pulp Fiction.

3: I thought the Anime sequence was fucking awsome. It just seemed to be the perfect background for O-Ren Ishii.

2. The begining scene with the bride and Bill. I thought that was crazy. The smooth, cool voice of bill and then bam a bullet through Umas Head.

  1. The House of Blue Leaves. This scene is allready a legend. The black and white just topped it off.

    The whole movie was kick ass but i thought those scene were just the fucking greatest.