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DV cameras

I was wondering what DV camera would give me the best bang for its buck. I’m looking to spend around $3000-4000, maybe more. The camera would be used to film a short film, among other things.

Cameras I have in mind off the top of my head:

Canon XL1

I think Panasonic came out with the DVX-100 not too long ago.

Or I’m thinking of renting the Sony DSR-500, since it would be way too expensive.

hehe I - of course - know nothing, but is it really necessary, that you buy a new one?

You can borrow or buy an older one…


Film Arts Foundation offers below-market rental rates on a variety of film and video making equipment, as well as production, post-production and other facilities. Access is available only to Film Arts members working on noncommercial projects:

I’m also looking to buy a camera but I’m talking more like $300-$400. Any suggestions?

I don’t think bother spending $300-$400 on a camera, at least if you plan on making movies with it.

The quality would be horrible, both picture and sound. It’d be a waste of money. If you plan on making a movie, I’d suggest using that $300-400 borrowing one.

im also in the market for a camera

my suggestion is buy a cheap camera first!!

why spend a lot of money for something you dont even know you be good at??

Dont throw your money away and first buy a cheap camera…practice…and if you are good take it to the next level and invest in an expensive camera…you can do some nasty shyte with a cheap camera…ok it doesnt look that good, but that doesnt really mather! get some experience first…see if you like making movies and then get an expensive camera!

It doesn’t matter if you’re good at it or not.

If you’re not sure if you want to make movies, then don’t buy an expensive camera, he’s right. But if you truely have a passion for movies and filmmaking, then don’t bother with a cheap camera.

I think you should wait to spend the money until you think you’re good. Better cameras are coming out all the time. Why practice with a $4000 camera and then find out that there is an even better $4000 camera coming out. I’d say borrow a cheap camera first, practice, make a couple of real films, then invest in a $4000 one. But buy it right before you are about to shoot. It would suck to by a camera for $4000, wait a while to use it, and then find out while you’re using it that something newer’s been released for the same price. Or maybe by the time you’re about to shoot, the price of the camera you want may cost less. So don’t buy it until right before you start shooting.

You should also think about buying some sound equipment. You don’t need a DAT or a NAGRA for DV. Maybe some microphones. If you’re willing to spend some money, you can buy a mixer. What good is having a sound film if the sound sucks.

Then when you become a really serious filmmaker, start shooting with a 16mm camera. 16mm is my favorite way to shoot. It’s expensive, but worth it. And it’s a lot of fun.

At my school, I am able to check out a Sony PD-150. It’s a good camera, but the school has a few Canon XL 1’s, and I’ve briefly used one a couple times. Very nice camera. From everyone I know at school , everyone loves the Canon XL 1 more than anything. It’s so great. I don’t know anything outside of the PD-150 and XL 1 though. But , if you do get an XL1, you will love it! Good luck.

@ delivaryman ÂÂ

i dont think so man the guys from cky did their filsm on like digital cameras not more than a 1000$ and i could watch a movie at that quality

as much as those movies from cky rock, they are not really movies…

deliverman, are you looking to shoot 24p DV or the 29.97 frame rate for normal video? Do you plan to transfer to film after editing?

I’m looking into the 24 p camera. I have friends who own those Canon XL1’s, and their stuff looks amazing. But they are also filming at the 29.97 rate, and don’t intend to transfer to film for for any festival showings for there work.

I intend to, though with my first independent feature. So, I’m looking into that Panosonic A DVX-100. I’ve read that with some conversions or compression (?), you can alter the Canon XL-1 image to look like 24p (or something to that nature).

We’re still doing research on what cameras we plan to use for the film.

If we can afford it, once we have investors in place, I hope to shoot in HD. But we’ll see what happens.

Check out this DV to Film Transfer Link! It may give you some ideas.


I think that renting an actual filming camera might be the way to go

[quote]I think that renting an actual filming camera might be the way to go[/quote]

Way too expensive. At least a 32mm camera would be.

Maybe I should just go for the XL-1s or way for the much anticipated XL-2?

What do you think about possibly saving up enough money for a primary lense, since the XL’s have interchangable lenses. I haven’t heard of too many people doing that, though.

No, go with one of the Panasonic 24p miniDV’s. That way, it’ll look more like film, because it’s being captured in 24fps, just like film.

Or, if you still wanna shoot in the standard NTSC 29.97fps, get one of those JVC consumer HD cameras, which uses a standard miniDV tape. I saw some footage shot on one, and it looked really great!

I think one of the best ways to go is to get a PAL version of the JVC HD cameras. Because frame-rate for PAL is 25fps. 28 Days Later was shot on a standard PAL miniDV, and when transferd to film, looked pretty damn good.

i just found my dad’s late 80’s early 90’s hitachi camera, fuckin a… i know its not like those fancy camera’s these days but hey know i can film shit…

Well HD cameras are like 10 grand :frowning:

you want 24p. it’s worth the investment, even if you don’t want it, you can alwys sell it to other filmmakers. …easily.

check out the brand new XL-2

or the tried and true DVX100. just go for DVX man.

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I want a 3ccd camera but dont want to pay like 5000 bucks for it…whats the best of the rest choice? maybe older models?

Three great Cameras:

Canon Xl2 -

Sony HVRZ1U - 3CCD 1080i HDV Camcorder <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 0&s=&cpos=”></LINK_TEXT>

Panasonic - AG-DVX100A

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … orders.asp”></LINK_TEXT>