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Dreaming about Grindhouse

Last night I had the most vivid dream I was watching Death Proof being filmed. For some of the dream I was in the backseat of the Death Proof car looking out, it was like looking through a letterbox picture. I also was watching the characters walk around, long lines of people around a bar type place. Mickey Rourke was talking to someone as his character. He had a Southern accent and was like a white trash guy. He also drove a crappy van (his non DP vehicle). It took place at night. I remember lights that looked like the red neon bar in From Dusk Til Dawn. In one sequence I remember the DP car hitting a girl (Lucy Lawless) and she flies about 200 feet and hits something and it blows up. It was really weird, but like it was actually happening in front of me, with this heightened dream like quality. It was one of the coolest non sexual dreams Ive had in a long time.

Have you ever had a movie dream like this?

Haha, the only movie-related dreams I can remember involve fuckers like Jason or Michael Myers chasing me around. Would be cool to find myself in a QT movie though, preferably chillin’ out alone with Mel in Ordell’s apartment. :smiley:

haha praise yourself lucky! if i could have the infamous Lucid Dream, the Death Proof set is the first place i’d visit

don’t think i’ve ever had a movie dream, can’t remember anyway

Like I said in that other thread, I once dreamed I was wearing the same clothes as Alex in Clockwork Orange. Best. Dream. Ever.

I had the same thing happen to me before Kill Bill came out.

I had the same thing happen to me before Kill Bill came out.

Shit now I remember I had this dream on Kill Bill before it came out, that I was privileged to see Volume One before every other person on Earth. Except that the version I saw in my dream had a scene with Lucy Liu coming out butt naked out of her bath tub. Of course I don’t have to mention that QT did not disappoint me, not even in my dream.

I just realized where my dream came from. Its like Chapter 7 of Kill Bill but with some diff people (Mickey/Budd), (Lucy Lawless/Uma getting shot and thrown) The My Oh My Club (red neon bar). The junky Van (Budds old beat up truck).

I once had a post-apocalyptic zombie dream. Then Beatrix abseiled from a chopper and rescued me by slashing flesh-eating zombies with her hanzo sword. We then settled on a couch and made sweet love.

sounds like a cool dream man. I once had a dream where a bunch of people from the spy kids movie where at my house…I didn’t really like spy kids though so I do not count it as a great dream lol I have had many movie dreams but I have seen Pulp Fiction 20 or mroe times, The Kill Bill’s 15 or mroe times, RD like 18 times and Jackie Brown like ten…and never a QT themed one really lol

A couple of weeks ago I had a dream about Grind House. Remember the scene in Sin City when Marv is driving while getting shot at by Wendy? It was exactly like that but Mickey Rourke was swirving around in a bright red Chevelle while laughing hysterically. It was pretty dumb.

Ha, last week I dreamed I had dinner at Artie Bucco’s… It costed me 50 euros and I paid. Then I remembered I still had to buy a couple of seasons of the Simpsons and Artie lent me money for it 8) He had to get the money from the safe in the back (why? I just gave him my money :stuck_out_tongue:) and there were sitting some old friends of mine being drunk and high… Very strange.

lol. Were Tony and Carmela there by any chance?

Unfortunatly not. But maybe I just don’t remember it…

I had another Death Proof dream last night. In this one I was watching the movie in a theater. The awesome thing was it didnt look like any film Id ever seen before. It didnt even look like a Kill Bill movie, it had this alternate movie universe feel to it.The color of the film itself was washed out, sort of like the Pai Mei chapter of Kill Bill Vol 2 but more blue and gray. Kurt Russell was wearing an eyepatch (Snake Plissken style). The film looked like it was half QT style/half giallo/half 60s Star Trek. Fuckin weirrrd but so fuckin cool. The Death Proof car, wasnt a big muscle car either, it was like a James Bond type Jaguar. Crazy stuff!! :slight_smile:

last night I woke up thinking Rosario Dawson was ontop of me. it turned out to be a dream only… damn, but that was the best Grind House related dream I had ever since I dreamed about owning Stuntman Mike’s car

Suddenly the word “grinding” gets a whole new meaning ;D

I’ve had one QT dream, although it was mixed with 24 - yeah it was weird and cool.

[quote=“Mr. Blonde’s Accomplice”]
I’ve had one QT dream, although it was mixed with 24 - yeah it was weird and cool.

haha, it’s ok Accomplice, I’ve had my fair share of dreams with Jack Bauer in them.

Suddenly the word “grinding” gets a whole new meaning ;D

lol yeah, let’s go to a “grind” house and grind some bitches ;_)) muahhaha

Once I was dreaming about Bring me the head of alfredo garcia for some reason :stuck_out_tongue: