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Directors you love that you wish everyone knew about

Hey there.

I thought it would be kind of interesting for people to talk about their favorite lesser known directors, and also maybe suggest some films by them. This could be anyone you think people should see more movies by, as well as directors who may be popular in certain countries, but not as much in others. It would also be a great way for everyone to be exposed to/check out more and more directors!

Edward Yang.

He just died about the end of May last year. RIP. I don’t know if this really counts because his “masterpiece” Yi Yi was a big success and kind of lifted him out of obscurity a bit. But before then he wasn’t very well known. Asia’s best kept secret if you will. He’s a fantastic director though who is known for capturing life and all it’s complexities in a contemplative form. If anyone hasn’t checked him out, they definitely should. Though his films are generally pretty long (Yi Yi is about 3 hours and A Brighter Summer Day is about 4 hours), they feel quite short because so much seems to happen.


Well, True films geeks know who he is and how great his films are. I wish that everyone in my lame town know who he is.

Edward Yang.

I rented Yi Yi!!

I plan to watch his other films too, but I was trying to grab something quick while I made an unplanned stop by the video store, and thats the only name I remembered from reading his IMDb list (and from here first).

I plan to watch it tonight or Sunday. Right now I’m writing a paper though :frowning:.

I also rented Spirit of the Beehive and Harakiri. I wish I wasn’t in school right now. There are so many movies I want to see…

Sergio Leone

Fritz Lang

John Carpenter

I think…

Don’t everybody already know about them ? At least Carpenter and Leone are EXTREMELY famous, everybody can tell at least one or two movies they’ve done. It’s different with Fritz Lang, people gotta concentrate more even if in the end, if you tell them which movies he has directed, they have already heard about them.

Aleksandr Rou

Neil Marshall - mostly for dog soldiers… he may have lost his appeal recently… not sure… but he became more recognised after decent…

Lucio Fulci

Jim Jarmusch - well known… but still

John Huston - was also a great actor

Mike Hodges - some good ie get carter… some not so good ie flash gordon…

Nagisa Oshima - the guys done more then in the realm of the senses…

Chang Cheh

Edgar Wright

He also made Battle For the Planet of the Apes.

Danny Boyle has become one of my favourites, but to mention his name, most people are like “who?”. Sunshine was fantastic. I loved 28 Days Later, even though what people call zombies weren’t really zombies. Trainspotting. Everything he does is really really good and interesting.


He’s been making groundbreaking films since the 90’s!

here’s the undisputible(sp) proof:

Greg Mclean

He done Wolf Creek and Rogue

Alexandre Aja

…j. lee thompson was a workman director responsible for some great shows like conquest of the planet of the apes, huckleberry fin and guns of navarone among many others…

and he made some sweet Charles Bronson movies.

I am currently obsessed with Jeff Lieberman after seeing Blue Sunshine and his short film The Ringer and a 30 minute interview with him on the Blue Sunshine disc. He seems like a great guy. I wanna see Squirm.

Blue Sunshine fucking rocks BTW.

Edgar Wright

James Cameron

Guy Ritchie

David Fincher

Darren Aronofsky

all of them amazing

Except of Edgar Wright who’s less famous as the others (except on this Grindhouse hardcore fans forum), all the others seem like already known by A LOT. Naming them sounds like Bad Max when he wrote he wanted more poeple to know about Mister Sergio Leone himself.

Just look at my banner

Toshiaki Toyoda, director of Blue Spring, 9 Souls, Hanging Garden and Pornostar. His work is on a completely different level. Pop-ish, cool, deep, impactful and wrought with emotion. Absolutely fantastic director. I’m afraid he was picked up for drug possession in Japan a while back and I haven’t heard a thing about him. Some had said this sort of thing blacklists some Japanese filmmakers. I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen to him.