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Did you know… that the Fun Loving Criminals song “Scooby Snacks” features dialogue pieces from Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. After that, a legal wrangle took place where Tarantino demanded co-writing credits. He didnt co-write the song, it just happens to have dialogue in it that he wrote

did you know… that despite rumours of all the clocks in Pulp Fiction being set to 4:30…this is infact false!!

Did you know… that Mr.White (Reservoir Dogs) is infact the father of Jimmy (Pulp Fiction)

You see this from the deleted scenes of reservoir dogs where you see mr.whites surename is Dimmick…and if you look closely at the scene where the wolf is taking down names in the hotel room, (Pulp) you see he writes Jimmy’s surename…Dimmick (might also be another relative, but the name relation is at least there. also, in the Yuki’s revenge chapter in Kill Bill [not in the film], the Bride calls a nurse named Dimmick)

Did You Know…that in the original version of ‘From Dusk till Dawn’, Quentin Tarantino wrote that the Fuller family and the Gecko family survived the ordeal.

Did you know… that the EZEKIEL speech Jules gives was originally part of From Dusk Till Dawn? Tarantino decided very late to take this out and put it into Pulp Fiction

Did you know… that in all of QT’s movies, there is a Red Apples Cigarettes advertisement at least once. ;D

Did you know…that in Pulp Fiction Honey Bunny first says “Any of you fuckin’ pricks move and and i’ll execute every motherfucking last one of ya!” and in the final scene she says “Any of you fucking pricks move, and I’ll execute every one of ya motherfuckers!”

Did you know…that QT borrowed elements from the film “Ride the Whirlwind”, which he wrote an article about that can be found on the Pulp Fiction Collector’s Edition dvd, for both Reservoir Dogs and From Dusk Til’ Dawn? Mr. Blonde’s slow casual way of torturing Marvin echoes of the unhurried nature of the stagecoach-robbing scene in Whirlwind, while the concept of a father trying to maintain stature and control over his family when being held hostage can be seen it both Whirlwind and Dusk Til’ Dawn.

did you know Sam Jackson has involved in every QT movie, (the 1s he’s directed atleast), he auditioned for the role of Mr. Orange in Reservoir Dogs, and stars in Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown.

Has an IQ measured at 160

Named after the Burt Reynolds character Quint Asper from “Gunsmoke” (1955)

He lost his virginity to a hooker when he was 16.

Is a big “Three Stooges” fan

His father Tony Tarantino (actor and musician) is of Italian descent, and his mother, Connie McHugh, is half-Irish and half-Cherokee Indian.

claims that James Best taught him how to act.

First noted screenplay was titled “Captain Peachfuzz and the Anchovy Bandit,” which was written in 1985.

[quote=“Bad Max”]
claims that James Best taught him how to act.

well… he visited his acting school :slight_smile:

[quote=“Seb (admin)”]
well… he visited his acting school :slight_smile:

His acting teacher was actually that woman hostage in From Dusk Till Dawn that Richie eventually rapes and kills. She should be shot in real life for doing such a bad job on our man Q.

…that QT had Jean Luc Godards “King Lear” on his acting resume, but hno he’s not in it. He lied.

[quote=“Seb (admin)”]
well… he visited his acting school :slight_smile:

No, he actually went to James Best’s acting school after he learned from Brenda Hillhouse. In one interview in the Tarantino Interviews book by Gerald Peary, he even mentions how Best said to him once “You want to be a director? I expect every scene you do in my class to also be directed.”

Did you know that even though Connie McHugh and Quentin’s longtime stepfather Curtis Zastoupil (who is also a musician, Connie was quite the groupie, huh?) have been divorced since the 80s and she remarried to a guy named Jan Bohusch, she still uses the last name Zastoupil?

Did you know that Quentin’s a moderate liberal?

Did you know that Quentin’s first writing job was a tv movie called Past Midnight?

[quote]Uhhh samuel l. jackson is only the piano player in the church in kill bill right? thats not really starring.[/quote]

So he still was in the film.


Did you know…Tarantino always has a Dutch element in his films:

The opening tune, Little Green Bag, in Reservoir Dogs was performed by George Baker and written by Jan Gerbrand Visser and Benjamino Bouwens who are all Dutch. The character Freddy Newandyke, played by Tim Roth is a direct translation to a typical Dutch last name, Nieuwendijk. The code name of Tim Roth is Mr. Orange, the royal color of Holland, and the last name of the royal family.

The Amsterdam conversation in Pulp Fiction, Vincent Vega smokes from a Dutch tobacco shag (Drum)

The mentioning of Rutger Hauer in Jackie Brown

The bride’s name is Beatrix, the name of the Royal Dutch Queen.

Stole that off IMDB…I’m not really that observant.

Woot 20th post!!

Did you know that on the first Bloodhound Gang album (Use Your Fingers) there’s a song called We are the Knuckleheads which has a sample from Reservoir Dogs which is Harvey Keitel saying “Take the butt of your gun and smash their nose in”

Did you know that in Pulp Fiction when Buddy Holly first appears, he seems to appear out of thin air? Watch it. You’ll see Vincent walking with Mia a clip ahead of him. One second Buddy is not there, the next he’s waiting on a table.

Didja Know that QT almost named pulp fiction ‘‘Black Masks’’

Apparently his perfect woman has to like sitting in the 3rd row, and has to ‘‘like his smell’’. Then he said not BO. I’m just wondering what the hell else 0-o