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Death proof (spoilers!)

This thread’s for discussing Death Proof, the final cut, that will be premiering for the first time in Cannes next month. I heard from the man himself that he just finished cutting it yesterday, Friday, April 27th. Of course more stuff will be added, but how does everyone think the final film will be?

Which part of DP do you think will end up having been fattened up more? The first or the second? How hot is Butterfly’s lapdance gonna be? I’m assuming the print’s been “cleaned” up? The first time we see Stuntman Mike in Grindhouse is when the girl’s drive there car down the street, about to round the curve but the picture abruptly cuts and their car seemingly dissappears, then Stuntman Mike’s car drives down. Do you think they fixed that jump cut? What about the intended poor continuity of Stuntman Mike at the bar telling Pam he’s not drinking alcohol. One moment he’s holding a glass and the next he’s not. Obvious flub but do you think Quentin shot coverage to take care of it for the Cannes cut? I wonder how many of the Grindhouse elements will be removed and how many will remain.

I dunno, the print’s already impeccable compared to Planet Terror, haha. Not sure how much he will clean it up, or it will lose it’s drive-in flavor.

there’s gonna be the lapdance

there’s gonna be something more about jungle julia and pam

there’s gonna be a scene with arlene and her dude in the car

there’s something more in the opening sequence with arlene needing to go pee

Here’s a list of things that I can remember that has probably been cleaned up so it’s no longer grindhousey.

  • the jump cut of when we see Stuntman Mike’s car the first time
  • Jungle Julia and Butterfly’s black friend that comes over at the bar, remember she comes over and something she says is repeated over and over as if a few frames got duplicated when splicing together reels from different prints?
  • in part II, where we cut to the shot of Zoe inside the car and climbing right out, right after she tells Abbie to “watch this.” Right before, the film cut to some black for a very short time and then cut to Zoe. I’m sure that’ll be cleaned up.

    What were some other moments? There were some jumpcuts when the girls were beating on Stuntman Mike at the end. Think those will be restored? Oh, you think there might be some footage of the girls coming back to find that Jasper has raped the cheerleader to death? Then maybe they shoot him and don’t have to explain what happened to the car? If this sequence was actually shot, and I doubt it was, maybe it could play during the credits or after.

    Remember that Abbie told Jasper where her and Kim are staying incase something happened to the car? In the world of Death Proof, they’ve got some major explaining to do.

When Arlene first meets Pam on the back porch of Hucks bar.

Pam cursing out the date that left her stranded.

Mike popping in a tape and rocking out to music after he kills the first girls (in the script)

The introduction of Stuntman Mike in the second half.

That black and white sequence in the second half w/ Mike watching the new girls at a quickie mart. Which will take us out of the standard color grindhouse look.

The end of Grindhouse should be about the same. The script didnt tell about Jasper and Lee at the end.


I saw the film earlier today.

I prefer this longer version, althought some argue it made the film more boring.

I think it brings much more to the characters, smoothens some of the scenes and overall gives the film more “complete” feeling.

There are great moments added. Including the new Pussy Wagon, Twisted Nerve, CSI, Fangoria references.

There are some extra dialogue and shots in many of the scenes from the earlier version.

The new scene where Russell is introduced is funny and so is the B&W scene.

The film remains as dirty as the original grindhouse version. There are the same mistakes as before.

Overall it gives more to the story and makes it work much better as a standalone film.

Not Tarantino’s best but a marvellous and really funny film never the less.


i felt the shorter version was too short for a tarantino film i cant wait to see the extended version.

i felt the shorter version was too short for a tarantino film i cant wait to see the extended version.

Totally agree, thought it was short and the new cut somewhere around 2 hrs should be amazing, as the script was.

when it ended when i was in theatre i couldent bleive it was already over.

yesterday came out here in italy…






Just saw it in Belgium with a handful of Qt- afficionado’s the other day :smiley:

I just saw the extended cut of Death Proof…so no trailers and certainly no Planet Terror…BUT I loved it soooo fucking much!

I loved the dialogue and the atmosphere…the ripped images and the damaged/ Godard “jump cuts” were just adding to the experience.

The balance in the movie was like riding a rollercoaster blind. You get accustomed to the relaxedness and then blown away by the ubercool action!! :stuck_out_tongue: The lines were very cool too…lots of references and just an amazing ride! I LOVED the ending…kept me laughing all through the credits :smiley:

Where in Belgium did you see it(city and theater :wink:)?

I saw it in Maasmechelen at Euroscoop :slight_smile: Small place, not so big theatre :slight_smile:

Did you see it in Belgium?

I saw it in Amsterdam(Kriterion).

This version is way better than the short one, personally i really like the scene at the with Stuntman Mike’s foot fetish

I only saw the extended cut of DP and I want to see the original Grindhouse cut, but I am not at all unhappy with the split.

Now I get to see 3 different versions…way better than just the original Grindhouse :smiley:

The first version i watched was the full grindhouse one… but in that crappy camcorder version :frowning: I can’t wait for the various dvd’s. But since i live over here, it’s probaly gonna take forever for them to come out

Same problem here…but its worth the wait :slight_smile:

posted some box office numbers on the front page. it’s doing allright i’d say. it’s coming out a little later in some countries

Cool! I was wondering about that, but couldnt find any numbers.

I think it will do good in the UK at least.

250.000 USD thats pretty good for little denmark!

i’m so proud :smiley: