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David Carradine

David Carradine was a special guest at the last QT fest during an all night movie marathon type night. David Carradine showed up not really knowing at all what to expect from people. QT showed some episodes of Kung Fu on the night he was there. After each screening David Carradine would come up and QT would sorta interview him. At first their chemistry seemed a bit akward… but at one point they just totally clicked into this groove and had this great sorta interplay between each other.

Now the cool part was that everyone was just incredibly cool to David Carradine… inbetween each screening people would just really go to him and sorta Caine from Kung Fu geek out with him… and as they night wore on you could really see David Carradine totally enjoying being around so many cool fans of his and movies in general.

The part of the night I remember the most… which I haven’t seen discussed anywhere is towards the end of the night of movies at what must have been around 3 or 4 in the morning… several of us were out in the lobby area chatting with David Carradine when QT came up… and then David Carradine and QT got into this incredibly cool conversation. At one point they were talking about Magnolia and then next thing you know they are trading quotes from movies… any movie QT mentions David immediately knows and throws out a quote from the movie… even at one point QT and David were trading quotes from the movie Valley Girl. The chemistry they had talking with each other in a cool movie kinda way was just amazing… so I just know based on that… there work in Kill Bill should really be some coooool badass stuff.

That sounds like a really cool experience, man. I guess the reason why I’m posting here is to give my opinion of David Carradine. I was just over at AICN and was reading the interview with him. I also read the talk back at the bottom. Wow, there are some idiots over there on that site.

They were just bashing and bashing the poor guy. There were really intelligent bashes about his past alcoholism and the whole Bruce Lee Kung Fu thing. Good God!! How many years ago was that? Man, they got to let that shit die.

Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to Kill Bill when Beatty was in the lead. Beatty doing any kind of fighting is like Freddie Prince, Jr. playing Travis Bickle. It’s just ridiculous. I’ve always been a fan of Carradine, besides that “Kung Fu: The Legend Continues” crap, but hey, everyone needs a little money once in awhile. I hope he really proves all the naysayers wrong. Carradine is the only “Bill” in my opinion. I can’t wait to see the movie and a great performance from him.

Oh yeah and to hell with most of those talk back clowns at AICN! >:(

yeah, i just came back from reading all the talkback over at AICN. really weird. they all miss the point: Warren Beatty can’t swordfight, he’s an asshole.

read those AICN articles and you’ll read what I just added to the Kill Bill Credits page (michael parks, mike bowen)…

David Carradine shouldve been Bill from the get go. Warren Beatty was NOT the right guy for the role. QT mustve gotten laid from one of Warrens hookers and he owed him a favor. LOL. I mean David Carradine is a warrior man. He means as much to this film as anything. Hes one of the true inspirations for the film.  Just watch David in Kung Fu, the guys a freakin rabbits foot for this film. The thing thats so cool about QT is that he genuinely loves the actors he works with. Its like he creates a special golden role for each of them, showcasing their best acting skills. We owe QT and Harry a big HELL YEAH! for getting David in the film.

The news about shooting on the Shaw Brothers lot is fuckin AWESOME!  Woo Ping AND Sonny Chiba choreographing each fight?!!! HOLY MOTHERFUCKIN SHIT!!!  Get ready for the most intense-blow your mind-crazy old school kung fu-samurai sword-gut spilling-shit kicking-fight scenes ever filmed! YEAH!  :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I hate those dickheads on AICN to, I think they really like that he is in the movie but they just want to sound smart.

yeah, i dislike AICN, too. it’s not what it once was. i just surf there to read the news and all, get insider infos and stuff, but i think those AICN guys are not really charmin’ people, maybe Mori, but i don’t know that guy very much…

Hey, Pete.  If you, or anyone else in the U.S. can find a copy of the free magazine FILTER with the rest of the Carradine interview with Paul Cullum please post it here.

Harry Knowles at AICN says there is tons more in this interview and I for one would love to see it!

Please let us know if you can find it.

QT definitely brought out the best in Carradine… Carradine in real life is just a total badass but at the same time such a cool guy… doesn’t have any of that Hollywood ego stuff… you can literally just go up to him and talk movies.

As for some of the fight scenes in the movie… including the one mentioned in the AICN article today… all I can say is that at the past QT fest I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and I saw QT describe the scene to someone blow by blow… the same sorta way Tim Roths character in Reservoir Dogs does that whole Drug Bathroom Cop Dog scene… seeing QT animated describing this scene was friggin incredible… the closest to any movie that comes to mind that it would in anyway resemble would be the climatic fight scene in Tsui Hark’s movie “The Blade” (not to be confused w/ Wesley Snipes vampire movie of same name). Which interestingly enough QT screened last year on the same night as the super funny and cool Stephen Chow movie King of Beggars.

Okay, I’m so friggin’ excited about this latest casting news ! 8) Now Kill Bill has an actor from every major QT movie returning (other than Quentin himself): Michael from RD, Uma from PF, Michael Bowen from JB (although in a supporting role, but what the hey :wink:), Michael Parks and hopefully Marc Lawrence from FDTD and well, with a little bit of goodwill, Sonny Chiba from TR. ::slight_smile: Not from NBK, but as far as I’m concerned Oliver Stone and his bunch of misguided writers screwed that one up real bad, not making it a real QT-movie at all in my eyes.

Oh, and about the Pai Mei thing: isn’t this kinda like when QT played Richie Gecko in FDTD ? Perhaps his acting skills are rather limited, but still his performance in that one was kick-ass, and frankly I think his Pai Mei role will be helluvacool in a similar way. It’s not like you have to be a Shakespearean actor the get the part right, no ? :wink:

Jeff, Ill definitely try and see if I can find a copy of FILTER at a bookstore near me. If I can see it, Ill send Seb the article so he can post it.

Badassmovieman, That sounds awesome. QT describing the fight scene in that Mr Orange-in the bathroom style. Very cool indeed. The Blade sounds like a kickass film, I need to try and see that. As for Blade 1 and 2, QT is gonna make them look like a pile of steaming dog shit when Kill Bill comes out. LOL. Im so sick of CGI films, they lack so much creativity. The only CGI fight film I like is The Matrix, but thats because it (CGI) is part of the story. Its a main element. But the rest of these CGI soaked fight films are lame.

VIVA old school Kung fu-samurai action!!

would be cool if anyone could send me a copy of the FILTER MAGAZINE ARTICLE, because i can’t get it here in germany.

damn, if you surf around the net (AICN,…) there are still LOADS of pot-heads who think Warren-Fucking-Beatty would’ve been the better choice!

They totally miss the point. If QT makes a Bonny-and-Clyde or gentlemen-gangster hommage, then its Beatty-time, but with Kung-fucking-Fu, its KWAI CHANG CAINE David Carradine!

It’s about time someone put a topic up regarding David Carradine. I’ve seen too much of Uma Therman. I know she’ll be the guy’s favorite, but what about us ladies? David for me is one man that deserves his due. He’s been overlooked by Hollywood far too long. Even though he was in Bird on a Wire, he didn’t have the screen time he deserved. Though David has been playing the bad guy again (and he does a great bad guy), I hope they don’t limit his role to that again. I’ve always wanted to see American Reel which he plays a country singer and becomes a success after 20 years. He sings his own songs in the movie and the movie was supposed to be funny as well. I really enjoyed the experience of him sharing movie quotes with QT. It takes me back to the time when I saw David up at the Omega Institute (1999, 2000) a couple of time at workshops he hosted. He really enjoyed telling stories of his experiences, not only in film, but with kung fu (learning it as well as the show). If everty you get a chance to meet David, you will never forget it.

Wow AJ, Ive never seen such a devoted David Carradine fan. :slight_smile:

Carradine is one of those guys that has such great charisma. Kinda like a James Coburn type. I’ve loved him in all his roles. From Kwai Chang Caine to Woody Guthrie to Frankenstein in Death Rsce 2000 to the villain in Lone Wolf McQuade to his Cole Younger in The Long Riders. He’s brought so much to all his roles over the years. I cant wait to see what he brings to the Bill character in KB.

From what I’ve heard, QT and Carradine have a great repoir with each other. I think QT’s love of film and film actors, hell, pop culture in general endears him to people that dont usually get such encouagement for their work. Its too bad there arent more people like QT. But thatsone of those great things that sets him apart from the rest.

Devoted, you don’t know the half of it. I not only got to meet David and spoke to him, I also enjoyed a personal moment just between us (I found out he’s a chocolate lover and if you want to know more about that story read my personal account at (the Omega II: Visiting with the Sages). :smiley: And I cannot sing his praises loud enough!

As the time draws closer, I can’t wait to see him in Kill Bill. I just hope we get to see some more pictures of him before that. The only one shown so far is a distant shot. Maybe Tarantino is keeping him under wraps. Though I did like the description that Harry Knolls did give. Apparently David has once again been working out for this role. He must have been working with Arnold Tayam, Michael Marsh, and Donald Hamby, if Rob Moses wasn’t available. As for the rest who commented on Harry’s stuff, sounds to me like they wouldn’t have been pleased no matter who was in that role. My advise to them is, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Go see the film then decide. David is one of those actors who puts his heart and soul into a role. You can bet, something GREAT is going to come out of this.

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Well I’ll reply here. This topic hasn’t seen much action lately, but I have some news. After David is done shooting with Tarantino’s film, he will be doing another called Dead and Breakfast. I’ve looked up this topic and it sounds like it’s based on a comedy play. Will have to do more research. As for the person going to see David at a convention, ask him if he will be coming to FuFest in June and to get ahold of Sandra Batchford to let her know. We would LOVE to have him there, because it will be the LAST FuFest ever. And if anyone else is curious as to what FuFest is go to:

Click on the FuFest Logo and read all about it!



One more little tidbit. David’s niece Ever Carradine will also be in the film (Dead and Breakfast). She is the daughter of Robert Carradine.

Check out the listing for Alias that will be airing April 27th.

David Carradine is listed as the guest star in which he will be playing a mysterious monk from Nepal. Look closely at his work that they mentioned. They listed Kung FU: The Legend Continues and the upcoming KILL BILL!


AJCrane :smiley: