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David Carradine aka BILL (1936-2009)


i am speechless, this is so sad. i wonder what happened.

creepy coincidence: i showed Bound for glory to a friend the day before yesterday. anyway, he was fantastic in this film.


It’s 4:15 here, been in a great mood all day and now, well… just feel very sad for David, for his family.

I’ll be watching Kill Bill in loving memory tonight, as will many others, I imagine.

Michael Madsen was very close to him too, through making Kill Bill together. I hope he’s doing ok, too.


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Sebastian, I made this on behalf of all the QT fans here. As a sign of our appreciation of this man, and what he brought to a truly brilliant film. If you wish to use it on the front page, you my blessing.

Good idea and great picture…I can’t believe he left us


i just read that shaw brothers director Ho Meng-hua also passed away today. :’(


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i just read that shaw brothers director Ho Meng-hua also passed away today. :’(

Yeah, I read this too… I hope there won’t be more dead in the same day… :-</E>


a great clip from Kung Fu:


Just heard the news.

That’s so sad…

My thoughts go to his family and friends.

Shine On David.


Damn…very sad news.

I just bought and read his Kill Bill Diary book last month and loved every minute of it. He seemed to have a cool life. You just never know.


I have that book. Might give it a read again.


I never heard of David Carradine before the Kill Bill films, but after doing some film searches and of course the fact that he starred in the Kung Fu tv series made me appreciate him all the more. He was a man with a troubling past and his father was also an impressive actor who starred in one of my favorite horror films “Blue Beard”. The man was royalty, and what ever troubles he had are not important anymore. Just the fact that he was a damn good actor is the way to remember him.

Rest In peace Mr. Carradine.


I read his autobiography and the man definitely had demons which I guess drove him to use drugs so much when he was younger… It’s kind of sad to see him die now since after reading the Kill Bill diary it seemed as if he had worked through his issues and seemed to be in a good place in his later years.


From Imdb, nothing new, but anyway:

Oscar-nominated actor David Carradine, best known for his leading role of Kwai Chang Caine on TV’s Kung Fu in the 1970s, died Wednesday in Bangkok, where he was shooting a film, his manager confirmed Thursday. The star was 72.

According to manager Chuck Binder, the movie’s producer went to Carradine’s hotel room and found that he had passed away. Binder told Fox News the death is "shocking and sad. He was full of life, always wanting to work … a great person."

Married five times and divorced four - he is survived by his widow, Annie Bierman, whom he married in 2004 - Carradine was nominated as Best Actor for his role as folksinger Woody Guthrie in 1976’s Bound for Glory. Among his later screen roles was in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, in which he played Bill.

Varied and Long Career

As profiled in People in 1992, Carradine was born in Hollywood to the actor John Carradine and his first wife, Ardanelle, and was just 7 when his parents divorced.

Shuttled between the two, he grew up in boarding schools on both coasts. Although he was orphaned emotionally, he did become close to the seven stepbrothers and half brothers he would accumulate during Dad’s four marriages: Ardanelle’s older son, Bruce; Chris, Keith and Bobby (whose mother was actress Sonia Sorel); Mike Bowen (Sonia’s son from an earlier marriage); and Mike and Dale Grimshaw (John’s stepsons by third wife Doris Rich).

By 1970, Carradine says, "I had a house in the Hollywood Hills that virtually every brother has lived in. It was like this safe harbor. We all took care of each other."

David’s acting breakthrough - as an Inca king on Broadway in 1965’s The Royal Hunt of the Sun when he was 29 - came only after lean years of studying music and ballet at San Francisco State, a brief Army hitch and a life-support gig as a prune picker.


I don’t know about y’all but, being exposed to the Kung Fu series as a kid probably changed me for the better. He had a profound effect on the world around him.


From Kung Fu: "What happens is already written"


David Carradine 1936-2009

Worked with giants as Ingmar Bergman and Quentin Tarantino

Villan to thousands through Kill Bill

Hero to millions through Kung Fu



Shek Kin, the bad guy from Enter the dragon died yesterday!!!


Yeah put this on the frontpage. Look how he holds that cigarette 8)


what a shock…I’m at a total loss…


What the holy fuck damn shit


The enquirer is saying it was erotic auto-asphixiation… which somehow isnt as bad as suicide at least he was having some fun at the end… that went too far… ???