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Coca-Cola Company taking advantage of Grindhouse

Chech this plagiarism shit: or

But again it doesn’t happen in the states:

Their taking everything they get out of this wave of cult classics being cool. Shit! Explosives, “oh my god how cheesy but SO cool one-liners”, the worn-out prints and hot women… AAAAAAAA! There’s also tv-commercials following the same theme with little Pulp Fiction-Misirlou -like guitar picking and in the internet there’s some acoustic melodies ála El Mariachi. I wanna know if this campaign takes place in the US as well? I bet it doesn’t because there it would be recognized and shot down but in Europe they got the balls to take the advantage of us.

At the end of the TV-add, a coke bottle is lying among snakes… … …wonder where that came from… Like the shitty movie would have anything to do with Grindhouse really.

And you’re so elite.


Friend said: “He’s watched The Killer. Don’t fuck with him.”

Damn straight.

I’ve listened W.A.S.P.'s Crimson Idol hundreds of thousands of times through.

You could’ve shown some respect after I did the same thing to you.


Anyone wanna reply to the original subject at hand, please.

Yeah, so what, they spoofed some cool movies. I remember a few years ago when Wrestlemania commercials spoofed some movies (including Pulp Fiction), woo hoo.

Who got the idea to base an advertisement on a movie that bombed at the box office? that dosen’t sound very coca-cola

Who got the idea to base an advertisement on a movie that bombed at the box office? that dosen’t sound very coca-cola

I kno lol.

I still don’t know if this is happening in US. The box office trembling doesn’t effect audiences in Europe though…

Thats right… but i don’t think the films have had very much exposure over here… definatly not the grindhouse trailer with the same voice

I think that’s the point why they try to use us. We don’t know… so probably the majority of viewers think that wow this something original, which is crap.

The Coke commercial which is on TV right now here in Norway is exactly like the Grindhouse trailer. Even with the same guy doing the voice over. They clearly copied Grindhouse

i actually saw that commercial in the cinema right before death proof started and it runs on tv here in denmark too


damn, this fuckin pisses me off!

well it dosen’t hurt anyone now does it? by the way have anyone seen that coca cola grand theft auto lookalike trailer? it seems they are all about parodies of pop stuff at the moment

My point of view is that it’s all about a big asshole company taking advantage of pop-culture waves.