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Clapping or Standing ovations at your local screening?

I saw it on opening night in Nice, France, Pathé-Macena cinema, in a packed regular original language screening. Other than experiencing constant belly laughs, awesome reactions by the public during the whole screening. When ending credits were scrolling “Written and Directed by Quentin Tarantino” appears, the 500 people in the whole cinema was clapping for at least 20 seconds.

Which I think is very special considering audiences only clap at the end of film screenings when someone from the cast or crew is presenting it. Clapping or doing standing ovations at the end of regular commercial screenings I think it’s indicative of the awesomeness of this film.

I am wondering if anyone else here noticed if people were clapping at the end of their screenings.

Yep they did that at Le Cyrano in Versailles too, awesome!

The only other time I felt the same feeling from an audience was for the screening of Star Wars Episode 1…yeah, The Phantom Menace…haha. People clapped at the opening rolling texts.

Not really that amount of applause in dublin although i guess im up against france - “we respect directors in our country” but there was a huge laugh at landas sherlock holmes pipe and an applause at the end of the movie (as there was with kill bill). George Lucas and QT are the only directors who I have seen provoke this kind of response in the cinema. Still loving this amazing movie.

although i did see farenheit 9/11 a week after it was released and it got a standing ovation from everyone in the cinema (during the epicentre of the iraq war), a very powerful thing to witness on a sunday afternoon.

clapping after the movie here as well, in cologne, germany.

Clapping here too. ;D It was amazing.

I also heard a few clapping when the film was over.

Its probably because you are all from faggot countrys.

Where did you see it blue_lou_boyle? I went to see the first screening of the first day of advanced previews in the IFI and then again last night in the UCI in Coolock.

The reactions from people in the audience in the IFI were allot better then the UCI as expected ha.

Sound quality in the UCI is quite poor too. Very low, anyone else ever experience this in a cinema before too?

Everyone in the IFI looked as though they were going to applaude but didnt know what to do! haha To be honest i wouldnt clap myself unless the director or actors were in the room. Otherwise whats the point? nobodies receiving the applause in the first place?

[quote=“dandadub”]Where did you see it blue_lou_boyle?

Sound quality in the UCI is quite poor too. Very low, anyone else ever experience this in a cinema before too?


It did feel like it was a little low at first. Did any other places have any trouble showing the film? In the beginning credits there were absolutely no sound and the movie started 20 mins. late >:( I think they said it was because the film was on 35mm and their films are usally ditigal, maybe that had something to with the low audio.

There weren’t any problems for the 2 showing I’ve been to so far. Only, the night showing had an extremely loud sound. I mean, my ears almost bled :smiley: It’s odd since it was the exact same room where I went for the 1st time, only 6 hours before, and the sound volume was normal.

The first showing I went to there was approximately 20 people with no applause. The crowd seemed to enjoy judging on their reactions to the movie. When I walked out of the theater I noticed to old ladies (approximately in their 70s) talking about how they enjoyed the movie even though “it didn’t happen in real life.” The second viewing at the latest show time there was approximately 120 air breathers. At the end everyone clapped. I can not wait until tomorrow when I go watch it in a different city then two previous viewings.

Yeah true, the first viewing i went to was a much more older crowd then the second viewing and the reaction from the older crowd was better then the younger crowd. We live in an age where blockbusters and romcoms are the be all and end all. its very very sad to say. god help the future generations

again clapping and woo-ing here in Cologne, germany the 2nd evening.

A lot of elderly people which I suspect were war veterans clapped to Basterds after Aldo marks Landa with a swastika! The theatres were jam fucking packed! This movie will open with 40-50M tops!

Inglourious Basterds was a terrible movie it is nothing compared to Apocalypse Now or Platoon.

No clapping in my theatres at all. many laughs to. But i think that mainly the half of the audience didnt even liked or understood the movie in detail. oh, and for now i hate full packed theatres were all the dumb people are storming out right were the light goes on. couldn’t even enjoy the closing credits. fuck. :-</E>

I’m from the US and from the area in which Brad Pitt’s character was from and also where Quentin Tarantino was born and grew up and there was a huge standing ovation at the end of the film. Never seen that in a Tarantino film in our area.

here in San Antonio the crowd was very involved…when the movie started the crowd went nuts when they saw “a film by Quentin Tarantino”…and when the movie ended they applauded again

Clapping. More clapping on Fridays show, some scattered applause last night.

Lots of clapping, lots of laughter, good times.