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Battle Royale (2008)


Apparently there is a Battle Royale remake in the making.


I hate to say this, but the success of The Departed will probably encourage American producers to remake Asian films even more. With the exception that they will not be directed by some master like Scorsese, but by some talentless hack straight out of film school.


Thats the worst news Ive heard in ages!!! Battle Royale is an absolute Asian classic!!! Pls dont put your dirty hollywood hands on it!!!


I saw this on IMDb a while ago…


I’m long past the they shouldn’t remake that bit, (or not, I find I can still get upset about the rare movie like the Reanimator rumors.) and this doesn’t really bother me. What does bother me is that America hasn’t gotten it on dvd yet.

What also bothers me is when I mention a movie, and people think i’m reffering to the remake.


The Original has not been released in the States because Toei doesn’t want to sell the film to a US distributor. They know US couldn’t handle it.

The remake is a ridiculous idea. There’s no way in hell Hollywood could ever produce anything similiar to the original. I guess that’s good. They won’t be making a direct copy this time, haha. I can’t wait to see 30 year old actors playing ninth graders (although I think they’re gonna make em university students, or even better convicted criminals). Remember, Aki Maeda was just 15 years old when she played the leading role in the original BR


Dakota Fanning for the lead!!!11


Dakota Fanning for the lead!!!11


They do that and I just may watch the film


Convicted criminals you say?


[quote=“Stuntman Mike”]
Convicted criminals you say?


Something is seriously fucked up when my jokes become reality.


hahaha ;D


yea battle roayale the orignal was amazing but condemmed looks like a U.S. remake of it in my opinion.


Definitley will not be anything like the original, with all the school shootings in america, I don’t think the walmart nation will let it be released.


IMO, If you want to make a BR remake, please set it in the UK. Why? Because:

1.London has been a centre of dystopia literature for a long time. V for Vendetta, Brave New World, Orwell’s 1984, Children of Men and so on. Therefore, Britain is a perfect place for such films like Battle Royale.

2.I once visited London, and i tell ya, it’s not like you see in a Richard Curtis film. Teenagers there are as rebellious as the teens in BR, and they’re nicknamed as ASBOs (Don’t know what the hell that means but for a simpler term call them ‘chavs’) They drink at the age of 16, alot of fights happened between them, racism(white teens slurring against Pakistani teens vice versa), and the police always caught them offguard.

3.Children of Men and 28 Days Later. If you’re looking for a proof that Britain’s for BR, then look no further than those two. Seriously, the setting and pace of UK as seen in both films is perfect for a movie like Battle Royale. Both gave a grim and perfect feel of a Battle Royale remake

4.The British film industry is just like the Japanese film industry. They have balls to have a 16 year-old Keira Knightley nude in The Hole, and also letting a 12 year-old Nicholas Hoult cuss the f word in About A Boy. Therefore, yup they sure have balls to let 15 year old kill each other. If Hollywood made one Christian groups would bitch and moan about it, just like how they moan and bitch about a 12 year old Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby.

5.To me only Alfonso Cuaron can direct a Battle Royale remake. Look at Y Mama Tambien and Children of Men. And Danny Boyle is also a great choice. For example, Millions and 28 Days Later.

This is why Battle Royale should set in the UK. What i’ve said above is why. I’d like to hear your opinion on what i’ve said above. So wat do u think?


lol, just watched The Condemned last night… remarkable similarities.hahaha


lol, just watched The Condemned last night… remarkable similarities.hahaha

any good?


The remake is going to be delayed because of the VA Tech Massacre…just wait and see. Kids killing other kids. Extremists (both left and right) will be bitching about it if it ever gets made.


Supposedly it’s not up on the IMDB anymore and from what I’ve heard the BR remake is a no-go. If that’s true, then I praise God.


This is why Battle Royale should set in the UK. What i’ve said above is why. I’d like to hear your opinion on what i’ve said above. So wat do u think?

But all that stuff happens in most other western countries. It’s because all us other countries don’t have studio systems. So we make films that would almost never get made in the US. I am Australian and we have similar laws to the UK and we retain a lot of British traditions and ways of living. Our movies both are pretty liberal with swearing because for some reason the ratings boards don’t find it that offensive when Aussies and Brits swear in films. Our drinking ages are three years younger than America’s 21. And as far as Keira Knightley nude at 16 goes, I don’t think I’ve seen the film, but I am willing to bet that it was made back (not too long ago) when Australia and the UK allowed nude photography at the age of 16 (and the age of consent is still 16 for sex).

But you are kind of right about the US. All the school shootings going on, bad idea to remake Battle Royale.


[quote=“Stuntman Mike”]
Convicted criminals you say?

The “convicted criminals” plot has already been used 20 years ago.