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Still waiting for IVL/Celestial release for that. Since they stopped butchering their films with 5.1 remixes I’d actually buy their dvd… if they just fucking released it.

Then something weird from Japan. A sequel to Shaolin Soccer… Yes, I said from Japan.

“Here’s what we know: it’s the announcement of Shaolin Shoujo, a sequel to Stephen Chow’s action-comedy Shaolin Soccer. It’s a purely Japanese film - with Chow on board as producer - starring Kou Shibasaki and directed by Odoro Daisousasen’s Katsuyuki Motohiro with the sports setting moved away from soccer and into the world of lacrosse.”


I almost made a thread for the first *Keitai Deka film (ケータイ 刑事 THE MOVIE) last year when it was released. Now there’s a sequel coming. I don’t know if these films are any good but they look like they could be some silly fun. Based on TV show.

  • Keitai translates as â€


There was this movie where a man came in to this town and two local brothers started to fight him.Then it was lunch time so they all ate together then started fighting again. They fought till dinner and then the brothers mom came and jumped in the fight and told the man that the boys had to eat and invited him to eat.While they where eating they realized they were fighting the same bad guy and team up to fight him .After breakfast the next morning.


any further info? Who starred in it, was it a HK movie, when was it made etc. ?


It’s John Woo’s birthday today! Just turned 60!


Sometimes you want to buy a movie just for the cover art

Itsuka Dareka ga Korosareru, starring Noriko Watanabe


Anybody seen Gun Crazy: Beyond the Law?


Sure are a lot of Wantanabes. Must be the Japanese Johnson.


I was watching Sars Wars trailer with subs for the first time and realized it’s freaking hilarious.



It’s frustating.

You don’t find reviews about contempoary HK cinema.

I’m considering to order Sweet Revenge [ Nick Cheung, Anthony Wong, Fan Bing-Bing ] and House of the Invisibles [ Lam Suet, Wayne Lai, Ken Wong ], but there’s no text about them; though cinema release.

Don’t get that.

Writers died with filmbusiness crisis ?


Hung, Is Naked Killer any good? I got it for 49 kr.


Oh yeah, it’s good. Not great but good. I first saw it when I was about your age and didn’t like it, if fact I nearly hated it. I was expecting John Woo meets Basic Instinct and I didn’t quite get that. The film is very campy but fun. I later started liking it more and now I watch it every now and then. Just don’t expect any A-grade artsploitation like the japanese 70’s exploitation films.

The HKL dvd is excellent. Uncut “director’s cut”, good transfer, good audio, audio commentary with director Clarence Fok and someone (Jude Poyer maybe?) and more than an hour worth of great interviews with Simon Yam, Clarence Fok and and Wong Jing. Plus the usual trailers and text infos. And the menus are some of the best I’ve ever seen.

Good film (and a huge classic) and an excellent dvd. Needs to be in any HK collectors collection. Money well spent Max


I should add that there’s hardly any nudity in the film. Not that it’s a bad thing but some viewers may be disappointed when neither of the leading ladys show any skin. But it’s a good thing actually, I like Chingmy Yau and I don’t think she ever did any actual nudity although she was a Cat III regular. She also appears in Raped by an Angel, again alongside Simon Yam. It’s a pretty good film (better than Naked Killer) combining sexual content (again hardly any skin), great romantic comedy (no kidding) and some violent action. A combination only early 90’s Hong Kong could produce. It being a Wong Jing production I’m quite sure there’s some very lowbrow jokes but I can’t really recall any right now. The film is also know as Naked Killer 2, but in fact the films are not related in any way and I suspect “Naked Killer 2” was just a marketing trick and not any of the film’s original HK titles.

You know, I once had a dream I was in Rome with Chingmy Yau. She was wearing this jacket:

ah, it was a good dream :wink:


hehe sounds good, thanks Hungie!


I’ve been wanting to see Naked Killer for a while.

Here’re the Kurosawa films I’ve seen with their ratings:

Cure- 10/10

Kairo- 9/10

Bright Future- 7/10

Charisma- 8.5/10

The Guard From Underground- 7.5/10

Barren Illusion- 8.5/10

I need to see Seance, Serpent’s Path and a few others.


I have no idea why Naked Killer had hi level sex scenes written in the classification… even the Princess and Baby scenes were tame… fun film though…


Thanks for the ratings visualsynergy, much appreciated.

The fact that I’ve never seen a Kurosawa film inspired me to make a list of important directors whom I’ve never seen a single film from:

Hung’s list of shame:

Kiyoshi Kurosawa

Shohei Imamura

Koji Wakamatsu

Toshiaki Toyoda

Kon Ichikawa


Yeah, no problem. Check out Blue Spring and 9 Souls by Toyoda when you get the chance.


You seen Horror of a Deformed Man, Hung?


a film with a trillion titles. I always knew it as “Horror of the Malformed Men”. Now it’s been released as “Horrors of Malformed Men”.

No, I haven’t seen it. It’s been pretty much unavailable as it was never released on video in japan.

Some info here: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 5.120.html”>,5225.120.html</LINK_TEXT>