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Yeah, I used to do reviews for Panik House. Hopefully they or someone else will give me a copy if I promise to write something on it.


Anyone know anything about this? … Hungfist?


To Sir with Love? No, I don’t. I’m not that much of a fan of Korean cinema


Hou Hsiao-Hsien making a kung fu film!

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… riiight… and Shunji Iwai will helm the next Godzilla film :stuck_out_tongue:


[quote=“Hung Fist”]
a film with a trillion titles. I always knew it as “Horror of the Malformed Men”. Now it’s been released as “Horrors of Malformed Men”.

No, I haven’t seen it. It’s been pretty much unavailable as it was never released on video in japan.

Some info here: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 5.120.html”>,5225.120.html</LINK_TEXT>

It was like a studio-imposed ban. They didn’t want us to see it! Bastards.

[quote=“Hung Fist”]
Hou Hsiao-Hsien making a kung fu film!

hmmm… A Hou Hsiao-Hsien kung fu film? Interesting. I’d definitely watch that.


[quote=“Hung Fist”]
Kiyoshi Kurosawa

I read this awesome Kurosawa interview somewhere and he talks about how he always has three options for the end of his films. The main character either commits suicide, becomes a criminal or dies (at least I think the last one was dies). But how sometimes he doesn’t want his main character to commit suicide, die or become a criminal, so the only other option is to destroy the world.


Teaser for the Sanjuro remake

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The only possible positive thing about this project, Anne Suzuki, isn’t seen in the teaser. Bah.


This movie looks crappier then a beat up 89 year old russian prostitute.


Kaiju Shakedown is back

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Some recent Japanese releases



Funuke domo, Kanashimi no Ai wo Misero

This looks like waste of time, despite the pretty pic above. Stars Eriko Sato and Satsukawa Aimi.

    • *

      Tokyo Real

      Excellent poster and some good promotional pics. Very disappoiting trailer. If the movie is anything like I’ll skip.

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      Tokyo Tower - Okan to Boku to Tokidoki Oton

      Doesn’t exactly look great but maybe decent. Jo Odagiri is always great, and Ayumi Ito is in the film, too. Maybe worth a check.


[i]Tue, August 21, 2007

It was revealed on Tuesday that Teruyuki Kagawa and Yu Aoi will co-star in a short movie by Korean director Bong Joon-ho (“The Host”). The 30-minute film, titled “Shaking Tokyo,” is one part of the triptych “Tokyo!” French directors Michel Gondry and Leos Carax are directing the other two segments.

Kagawa plays a man who has been living as a shut-in for the past 11 years, until he ends up falling in love with a pizza delivery girl (Aoi). He finally builds up the courage to join the outside world, only to discover that most of Tokyo has become withdrawn.

Filming begins in Tokyo on the 22nd.


[i]Tak Sakaguchi to direct, write, and star in “Sakigake!” movie

Mon, August 6, 2007 (6:11pm EDT)

Action star Tak Sakaguchi will star in a live-action movie based on Akira Miyashita’s shonen manga, “Sakigake! Otokojuku.” The comic, about a school of violent delinquents, was serialized in Shonen Jump from the mid '80s to the early '90s, and spawned an animated television series and film.

In addition to playing the lead role of Momotaro, Sakaguchi will direct and handle the screenplay. Shoei will play the part of Momotaro’s friend, Genji.

Filming began in April, with a target release date of early spring 2008. There is a strong possibility of overseas releases as well. More details will be revealed in the next issue of Super Jump (on sale August 8 ).



    [i]Tsumabuki cast as kidnapper in “High and Low” remake

    Mon, August 13, 2007 (4:23pm EDT)

    Next month, Satoshi Tsumabuki will make his first TV drama appearance since “Slow Dance” in 2005. He will play the role of the kidnapper in TV Asahi’s remake of Akira Kurosawa’s "High and Low."

    The drama special stars Koichi Sato, Kyoka Suzuki, and Hiroshi Abe. TV Asahi plans to broadcast it on September 8.

    Almost interesting. I’ve only seen Tsumabuki (Jozee, the Tiger and the Fish) in sweet high school boy roles so kidnapper sounds, well, almost interesting.


Yuan is a poor and quiet girl from Taiwan who got married and settled down in Hong Kong. However, her marriage was soon over and she is separated from her husband Bing. One day, Bing goes missing and the police looks for Yuan to record statement. Ye is a policeman who happens to be involved in an earlier case where Bing is caught for peeping in the washroom. Bing had earlier explained to Ye that he had discovered an incredible secret: a lot of women were planning secretly to destroy men and they were exchanging their ideas in the washroom. Ye was feeling bizarre about the whole case, as whenever he found some evidence, they would go missing at a blink! Ye soon developed feelings for Yuan and the both soon discovered that Bing was killed because he knew too much about the secret organization. The both are in danger too…

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … opic=16292”></LINK_TEXT>

I’m not quite sure what to make of this film. On one hand it sounds absolutely ridiculous but on the other, strangely intriguing. It’s billed as a thriller, but the helmer’s Edmond Pang, so I don’t know if we should be expecting a satire instead.


I’m not quite sure what to make of this film. On one hand it sounds absolutely ridiculous but on the other, strangely intriguing. It’s billed as a thriller, but the helmer’s Edmond Pang, so I don’t know if we should be expecting a satire instead.

Yeah. It really depends on how ‘hip’ they’ll make it.


just though to mention I’m gonna go bankrupt in December. Toei’s gonna low prise the entire 8 movie Red Peony Gambler series on dvd for three months… I need to grab them all.


Just saw Drunken Monkey, probably not the real name. They haven’t made a classic kung fu movie like this in ages. I could have used more action, but for the guys age, hey still can move.

Plus it has a Gordon Liu cameo and some crazy butterfly knives. I’m just glad the woman doesn’t get raped and killed, as usual in these films.


Getting back to bad looking movies, here’s a trailer for "Shin’ichirô Sawai’s Genghis Khan: To The Ends of the Earth, a huge epic with a massive budget that won a good amount of love in its native Japan but hasn’t been seen much outside of those shores. But there’s now a cheap option for English speakers, with a subtitled DVD release coming out in Hong Kong September 12th"

Recent historical hollywood epics are actually starting to look interesting compared to what asia has been producing revently (of course the actual film could be better than that dry, over-acted cgi filled cliche trailer)


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[b]Oretachi No Sekai (俺ã


Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat in Space.

Don’t ask.