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What do all of you think of Tony Jaa?

I just watched Ong-Bak, call me crazy but I think he could be the next Bruce Lee.

My daughter who is into Thai kick boxing rented it and claims that the flying kicks shown are about the best she has seen.


For those who dont know they are remaking Flying Gulliotine and Five Deadly Venoms.

Says they are remaking Flying Guillotine(74) which I like but I did like Master of the flying guillotine more, I hope they make it like MOTFG.Anyway Im excited about this and cant wait to see it.


Hey, I didn’t know that. I’m I losing my edge…? ;D

Venoms remake… nah, Flying Guillotine… now that sounds great. There can never be too many flying guillotine movies. I just hope they don’t make it too polished and that it doesn’t star Nick Tse and Cecilia Cheung or something. Give us a good old rough on the edges martial arts movie with cool characters, silly story and lots of separated heads.


The Protector gets released by Dragon Dynasty.And of course it has QT’s name all over it.


Sanjuro remake? It could be good.

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How about listing HK movies with the strongest “classic” feel in them? Do you know what I mean? It’s not related to quality or “official” classic status, but when you’re watching the film you just feel “this is exactly what the greatest HK movies are all about”. Don’t make this a “best HK movies” list. For example 2046 is one of my favourite HK movies, but I can’t find much “classic HK feel” in it. 36th Chamber of Shaolin however would be a good choise. It’s got Gordon Liu playing an arrogant young man who has to escape from villains and hide in monastery, start practicing martial arts and finally come back to avenge. There’s lots of long, imaginative training sequnces, classic fight scenes (especially the last one taking place at those famous hills you can see in several HK movies) and plenty of old school acting.

Keep the list short, 8 films at most, preferrably less. Lists with just 3 or 4 films are perfectly fine, too. Don’t try to make a long list, just try to pic up movies that really deserve to be on it.

My list:

Peking Opera Blues

A Chinese Ghost Story

Police Story

Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow

Last Hurrah for Chivalry

36th Chamber of Shaolin

A Better Tomorrow


Just a random thought; The japanese really suck when it comes to CGI. The new Nihon Chinbotsu remake is probably gonna be another disaster.


I bet Kou Shibasaki is the only truly impressive thing about that movie.

Too bad, some of the artwork is quite neat.


[quote=“Hung Fist”]
The new Nihon Chinbotsu remake is probably gonna be another disaster.
well it is a disaster movie


I was watching best bits from Jackie Chan’s Gorgeous (the title apparently refers to Shu Qi ;D) and I realized there’s at least three cameos in the film:

  1. Stephen Chow as the cop
  2. Cecilia Cheung as the tourist at the airport in the Chow Yun Fat scene
  3. Jackie Chan himself as one the villains trying to beat him

    at least the first two have been cut out from the film internatinal versions.


"Hong Kong famous directors Kar Wai Wong and Stanley Kwan will join hands in filming a lesbian story. The film will start shooting in Taiwan in April.

The high-profile movie features subtle feelings between two senior high school students, with one of them, at the same time, falling in love with a young man.

Hong Kong star Viter Fan will star as the young man in the light comedy, while the main actress will be new face Ke Jiayan, replacing Rainie Yang. It is said that Kar Wai Wong refused Rainie Yang because of her nude acting in the 2006 movie “Spider Lilies” - also featuring a lesbian story.

Kar Wai Wong’s company has recruited Yanni Wang, a winner of the 2006 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival to direct the film. Stanley Kwan will be executive producer.


Hungfist I want your opinion on this movie.

“Kings of Kung Fu”, the new kung fu movie starring Jackie Chan and Jet Li, is set to start shooting by the end of April or early May.

Fantasy, adventure and action will combine to tell the story of an American boy called Jason who travels back to ancient China on a time machine. He meets two kung fu masters played by Jackie Chan and Jet Li, and winds up helping them beat the bad guys.

I think it sounds kind of dull but than again Im not a fan of Jackie Chan nor Jet Li.


Couldn’ve been good if it wasn’t for that American kid. Jackie and Jet as kung fu masters sounds great, though

Same plot but shot by a HK studio in the early 90’s it could’ve been great (with some local yankee picked up from the street playing the american kid). Now I’m afraid this’ll turn into similiar to Bulletproof Monk. Karare Kid 2000 if we’re lucky.

Is this an american production? Because if it is then I won’t have to buy it. Hah. I only collect Jackie’s HK films


WHAT!!! Rumble in the Bronx rules!!! Of course its his first and last great American film IMO.

I saw a preview for some asian monster movie. It must be pretty good if they are willing to import it here instead of remaking it. Can’t remember the name.


WHAT!!! Rumble in the Bronx rules!!! Of course its his first and last great American film IMO.

Rumble is not an American film

I saw a preview for some asian monster movie. It must be pretty good if they are willing to import it here instead of remaking it. Can’t remember the name.

The Host perhaps???


Damn your good, you figured that out from my vague description.


Did you know there was a Toki o kakeru shôjo (The Little Girl Who Conquered Time / Girl of Time) remake in 1997 directed by Haruki Kadokawa himself? Probably sucks. The japanese are almost as bad when it comes to remaking film as Hollywood is. The difference is just that the Japanese remake their own films while Hollywood remakes everything they can get a hold of.

Also available on R2J dvd Kadokawa by Kadokawa (no, there isn’t subs)


And in due time there’ll also be an Anime-Version available:

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Japan 2006 | 98 mins | 35mm | Japanese w/E.S.

An unexpected delight and one of the most acclaimed anime features in recent years, THE GIRL WHO LEAPT THROUGH TIME is the first animated adaptation of a 1965 young adult novel that had been an instant sensation in Japan, spawning countless films and TV programs over the ensuing decades. Director Mamoru Hosoda updates the tale to present-day Tokyo, all while remaining true to the same enchanting story of a girl who learns to time-travel.

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Someone might might find this interesting.

Dororo (2007)

Directed by: Akihiko Shiota

Action Choreography: Ching Siu Tung

Starring: Satoshi Tsumabuki, Kou Shibasaki, Anna Tsuchiya

I still haven’t seen Gaichu (by Shiota) which is supposed to be a masterpiece but Moolight Whispers was good. Not the least bit intentionally, though… but it was a fun mess. I also like Tsumabuki and Shibasaki is okay I guess. Mark Schilling gave this 4/5 but the trailer (did I see the old master from Azumi there?) looks awful. Gonna skip this.

review: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 202a1.html”></LINK_TEXT>

trailer: <LINK_TEXT text=“ …”></LINK_TEXT>



My interest is piqued, but chances are, I won’t bother looking into it.


I just watched Chinese Super Ninjas the other night. It was cool as hell. Finally a woman dies in a chinese film, that actually deserves it. I love how lame it was that they had a technique to counter every technique.