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Are Jules and Vincent evil men?


Are you writing an essay on this or something? Cuz this is like your third topic about evil people in QT’s movies.

I answered you already, (in a PM), but for the record, I’m just on a really big morality kick. I need this to retain my sanity. ;D

Well, Jim, i don’t think that they are evil inside. I just think that they are naive. They are good people but don’t realize that killing people is as bad as it is. We see proof of this when vincent is taking out Mia, and he’s contemplating what to do in the bathroom. He’s trying to be a good gentleman. He doesn’t know quite how, but he’s trying. Also, jules, the more intelligent of the two IMO, realizes his mistake in the end and wants to “walk the earth” to try to get his life back on track. he knows he’s been evil and wants to change it. My two cents. (And two cents can’t buy you shit)

[quote] My two cents. (And two cents can’t buy you shit)[/quote]

HAHAHAHA! I've never thought of that before. It is true....odd. Cool.


HAHAHAHA! I’ve never thought of that before. It is true…odd. Cool.[/quote]

I love this kid!

I think that Jules and Vincent are not evil, just misguided. They have realized coming up that it is more profitable to be workers for Marsellus than it is to actually work. Jules, the cheap son of a bitch values his job as a paycheck, and a very good one, as we can see when he goes heroin shopping, and he will do what it takes to get that money, so if he has to cap a few people in the process, he’s ok with that. Now, Jules on the other hand looks like he loves his job. Unlike Vince, he is a leader and he drew up a whole speech and scripture for his work. Only someone that loves their work would memorize a long scripture and talk so fuckin cool like it was second nature, but when he got his wake up call and realized that he was wrong he stepped. Vince on the other hand couldn’t turn his back and leave his paycheck, therefore he was killed on the job.

That is true. Jules redeems himself in the end (he sees how what he has done is wrong), but Vincent refuses to change, and thus dies. My question though, is if Vincent kills people for money, and, while seeing the error in his ways (sort of…well…it was shown to him whether he accepted it or not), he refuses to stop. Does this make him evil? What about their boss? Mr. Wallace? Is he evil?

Man. You’re getting greedy.

[quote]Man. You’re getting greedy.[/quote]

Never underestimate the power of an opinion addict that needs his fix.

And NEVER, EVER try to keep him from getting his fix.

they are both evil. they both kill people and get payed for it. they both have the choice to leave but don’t. Jules leaves because he almost died working a job, there is more depth to that but in the end yeah that’s the reason. They could both be very nice and normal people on the outside but once on the job they kill and that be it. that’s my one cent ( I only get one cent becaue i am in spanish 1-2 and feal that i am not quite a full person yet)

B.T.W Holiday you are a kid i love

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And Jules does leave (so if you buy into that type of thing like me, he redeems himself).

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that is ture but it will never whipe him clean, he still did what he did and there’s no going back. this is going way to deep. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, so holiday the two kids you love are BadMotherFucker and Starkey?

[quote]that is ture but it will never whipe him clean, he still did what he did and there’s no going back. this is going way to deep. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, so holiday the two kids you love are BadMotherFucker and Starkey? [/quote]

Going deep is fun. Just ask Zed.

And yes, the two kids that I love (not in terms of child molestation…if that is where you are going…the wording…anyway) are BadMotherFucker and Starkey.

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[quote]Please forgive the above horrible anal rape joke.[/quote]

You are forgiven, but rest assured i will not sleep easy tonight.

Well, if your really want to figure this one out, consider that on their moral scale, killings not a bad thing. There are people out there who really don’t see what the big deal with taking another human being’s life is, so, to ask them if jules and Vincent are evil, they’d say no without hesitation.

Now, ask the same question to any god fearin’ man or woman, and their answer, if they truely believe in the teachings of the bible, would be yes, again without any hesitation.

A third category, the folks who have a good moral compass, but can very easily see how some people don’t/can’t, they’ve got to think long and hard to honestly answer that question.

So, in my opinion, they weren’t evil men at all. Because, to me, when you get mixed up in that kind of shit, you have got to fucking know that without a doubt, you’re laying your life on the line. The people they killed knew what they were getting into, in the first place. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the fire.

Jules and Vincent are not evil, but their moral priorities are different than those of mainstream society. This is set up at the very beginning of the movie when Vincent and Jules contrast the societies of America and Europe. In Amsterdam, privacy is valued much more greatly than in America, so it is illegal for the police to search you.

Jules and Vincent are both obviously moralists. They debate whether it is ethical for a man to give another man’s wife a foot massage. It should also be noted that when Vincent is coaching himself in the bathroom he says “Loyalty is a very important thing” rather than “If I have sex with her, I’m going to die.” Both Jules and Vincent follow a definite set of moral guidelines. They simply have what most of society would refer to as a “skewed morality.” To them, property of the boss (Marsellus) is valued above the life of other human beings. The people in the apartment violated Marsellus (Jules uses a rape analogy to refer to this, “Then why’d you fuck him like a bitch?”), so they have commited a crime worthy of the death penalty in the eyes of Jules and Vincent.

This idea of contrasted moralities seemed to me to be the cornerstone of the entire film.

They ain’t evil they were jus Bad motherfuckers…ps sry for usin ur name bad motherfucker. 8)