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After Inglorious Bastards?

After Inglorious Bastards what Genre would you like Mr Tarantino to tackle? me personally would like to see him return to crime and maybe focus completly on the mafia, or maybe a yakuza film?

Kill Bill Volume 3

Forget crime, I’m actually tired of that genre and QT doesnt need to do it anymore. I want either a QT Spy-Espionage film, Sci Fi film, Western or a cool Documentary on Grindhouse cinema.

QT can do whatever the fuck he wants as long as he makes movies, i don’t care really what kinda of movie he makes…

Comedy with Adam Sandler of course!

are you serious?

No! but you have to say you would watch that shit wouldnt you? I know I would :slight_smile:

I would love to see what QT could do with a wrestling movie starring Hulk Hogan ;D j/k

Jesus Christ people, enough is enough:


And THAT might even be asking too much.

All we are doing is trying to think what he might do after IB, Im thinking a movie with Charlie Sheen titled “Three’s Company”

maybe the vega brothers, or has he scraped the idea?

A Vega Brothers movie would be a little too Kevin Smith-y (ie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back). Although it might be kind of fun.

Somehow I really don’t see Vega Brothers being a comedy…

Yeah this whole Pulp Fiction 2 or Vega Bros. talk is pointless cause its probably not gonna happen well not by QT anyways.

Yeah, fuck, I just want Inglorious Bastards.

I am hoping for a QT Overload in the near future though. …In an Ozploitation documentary I’ve been waiting for, with Grindhouse, in Takashi Miike’s Django film, and hopefully Inglorious Bastards soon…

I have this thing where I believe that every director should tackle a war film at least once in their career. There is just something about war films… Bastards is going to rock so hard.

Yeah this whole Pulp Fiction 2 or Vega Bros. talk is pointless cause its probably not gonna happen well not by QT anyways.[/quote]

Any self respecting QT fan that has a brain wouldnt want these films to happen in the first place.

But Michael Madsen gotta eat!!!

After Ingolorious Bastards?.. Fucking Unprofessionals!


A sequel is beneath QT. QT doesn’t do sequels…Spaceballs 2, Jews in Space

Its so easy for QT to write original scripts, theres so many genre idea possibilities, why in hell would he do a sequel?

How about a porno…nah Im just talking out of my ass!