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a nice article

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goes a bit into what real happenings inspired the story


Tarantino warns people about Hostel

Movie-maker QUENTIN TARANTINO is warning film fans about his new horror movie HOSTEL because he doesn’t want audiences passing out at the cinema.

The KILL BILL director, who is among the producers of the new movie, insists the film - about kids that are lured into a hotel that doubles up as a torture chamber for the Russian Mafia - is truly “horrifying” and definitely not for the faint of heart.

He says, "Be careful about the film; you might end up in a hospital at the end of the night, it’s no joke.

“We’ve actually had people pass out at screenings and they had to call the paramedics.” [/quote]


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in an interview with Eli Roth (the director of Hostel, if you were fooled by the QT presents :slight_smile:

he talked about, among other things:

Did you know you were gonna write this? (question from joblo)

I knew I was gonna write it. It was one of those things, after Cabin Fever. Cabin Fever was this crazy ride, as most of you know. It was all totally built through internet and word of mouth, and we made it for a million and a half bucks, and it wound up doing like over 100 million dollars. Not that any of it went to me, mind you. About 4 dollars did, but that’s cool. After that I had all this opportunity and I didn’t know what I was going to do next. And I started writing this project here and got this set up with this studio, and I kind of started like 15 different things. You’re completely on the outside, and then all of a sudden every door is open, you wanna like start taking advantage of it.

But then I realized it was like those magnetic dogs when you put their noses together and they start spinning, like in 15 different directions. I didn’t know what to do. I was talking to Quentin (Tarantino) and Quentin loved Cabin Fever. After he saw it he invited me to his house to watch movies. We watched War of the Gargantuas, and Hell Night, and Blood and Black Lace, Zombi. He was like, “Man, you gotta check out this print of Zombi; it’s really cool.� We would just geek out watching movies. And I said to Quentin, “You know, I kind of just don’t know what to do now.� I said, “I’m at this weird place where I am being offered to direct studio movies, I have my own stuff that’s sort of developing,� and he’s like, “Well, what ideas are you working on?� I told him this and this and this…and I said, “Well, then there’s this other thing…� and I told him the idea for Hostel and he was like “Are you fcking kidding me?

That’s the sickest f
cking idea I have ever heard.� He told me “Eli, you’ve got to do that. fck it. Do it low budget.� I have a horror company called Raw Nerve, and he was like, “Do it with Raw Nerve, do it for like three million bucks or something. Go to Europe and make it as sick as you want to make it. Make it fcking balls-out. This could be like, your Takashi Miike film. This could be, like, a classic American horror movie.� And I thought about it… There are very few people who…I have a lot of experience making low budget movies. I know how to do it. You know, Cabin Fever. I know I could learn and make a better film. I said, “fck it. He’s right. I drove home that day and I unplugged my phone and I just burned out the draft and I showed it to Scott Spiegel and Boaz Yakin, who are my partners at Raw Nerve.

Scotty wrote Evil Dead II and Boaz wrote and directed Fresh and Remember the Titans and they loved it. They had great ideas. I sat down and did another draft – this was all in the span of two weeks – and I showed it to Quentin, and he was like, “This is f
cking awesome. Let’s go through it.� And we went through the script. And he’s like, “You know what? We’re gonna do a bullshit pass. I’m gonna call bullshit where it feels like this could only happen in a movie. If this is movie convenience or it’s not something that you and I would do, then I am calling bullshit – “He can’t get out of the chair like this, cut his fcking fingers off.� “Well, I wanna cut his hand, but then would he bleed to death?� “No, if you cut half his hand he could probably still wiggle out.� You know, that kind of stuff. So, we did like a whole pass, and he’s like, “Oh, man, what if he’s got a fcking bolt cutter and he’s cutting off Yuki’s toes?� and I’m like, “Oh that’s awesome, let’s put that in.�

So we went through it and sort of did a reality pass on it, and it just sort of seemed natural. And he’s like, “You know, I’d love to be involved in this, and I’m like, “Yeah, it’d be so f*cking fun.� So he was just great. So we shot in Prague while he was doing a CSI episode, but he was really helpful in the editing room. He came in the editing room and he’s like… You know, George Folsey cut the movie with me. He was John Landis’s partner; he produced American Werewolf in London, Blue Brothers, Trading places, and he cut Animal House. He edited a lot of blaxploitation movies that Quentin loved…so Quentin had seen all his movies and Quentin came in the editing room and said, “Well, what do you think of this, maybe, you know I think you can cut this. You know, I think this is a good scare, but what if you add some this to that?� He helped us trim it down.

But honestly, it was his enthusiasm, his spark, that I was just like, “What do I do? Why am I waiting for the perfect movie.� You know, you get that fear of doing your second film, like, “Okay, the first one did really really well, and I want to make sure this one does well but I also want to do something that I’m proud of that feels like a step forward. It just felt like the right next movie.


[quote=“The Seb”]
Tarantino warns people about Hostel


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here’s more:

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it’s a review, but it seems people DO leave the theater


another nice article, some quotes etc:


[quote]Critics, who are by and large rarely horror-movie fans, are predictably hostile towards Hostel, the new horror film from Eli Roth (Cabin Fever). Nathan Lee in the New York Times comments that the film “is one of the most misogynistic films ever made.” Bob Strauss in the Los Angeles Daily News pays it this left-handed compliment: “It all adds up to superior sick entertainment.” Wesley Morris in the Boston Globe has a warning about the use of the “Quentin Tarantino presents” banner over the film. Hostel, he writes, “is being sold as a Quentin Tarantino presentation, which seems a little disingenuous, even though it’s true. Viewers expecting Tarantino’s visual wit and cinematic verve are bound to feel rooked by Roth’s gallows schlock.” And Matt Pais in the Chicago Tribune: has this suggestion: “Looking to save money on a dinner-and-a-movie date? Catch an early flick and kiss your appetites goodbye.”[/quote]



seems like Hostel made this weekend’s top box office! w00t, and hooray to boobies :slight_smile:


[quote=“The Seb”]
seems like Hostel made this weekend’s top box office! w00t, and hooray to boobies :slight_smile:

Cool, this movie deserves to be watched. Yeah, when i watched the first 30 minutes…I thought the rest of the movie was going to be amsterdam prostitutes having sex with americans :frowning:, but then I had a good ol’ time. yay :slight_smile:


[quote=“Black Mamba!”]
Cool, this movie deserves to be watched. Yeah, when i watched the first 30 minutes…I thought the rest of the movie was going to be amsterdam prostitutes having sex with americans :frowning:, but then I had a good ol’ time. yay :slight_smile:

Yeah I was surprised at how much nudity and sex was going on in the beginning. Looks like Roth wanted to top the T&A factor that was seen in so many horror flicks of the late 70’s/early 80’s. Wouldn’t be surprised if he surpassed it!

My favorite critic, Joe Bob Briggs, has a meter for breasts and blood and I’m pretty sure that Hostel is the 1st movie of the millenium that has taken the prize!


yeah. hooray for boobies!


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HOstel rocks:

the news is full of it

"Hostel" Takeover At Weekend Box Office


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here’s a nice list of pictures:

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of cast and crew.

Note, that doesn not allow usage of those photos (not even after you’ve registered). So I guess we’ll have to live with those thumbnails. Damn, I want some high-res pics of Nedeljakova!!! DAMNIT!



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[quote=“The Seb”]
Damn, I want some high-res pics of Nedeljakova!!! DAMNIT!

Weird. She looks hotter in those shots than she did in the movie to me.

And what the hell is John Stamos doing there?


I hate John stamos.


Almost as bad as Bob Saget…aghhhhggghhghg. When is there a time when Quentin isn’t with Robert Rodriguez?





I vaguely remember Q T telling Conan about this… but i only saw the last half of there conversation, did anyone else see that? ???