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3:10 to Yuma


The trailer!




The Western is well and truly alive!!


I know, this looks good ;D

But I’m not so sure about the music.




[quote=“Jack Rabbit Slim”]
I know, this looks good ;D

But I’m not so sure about the music.

Nah, that movie right there, is gonna be the shit. The music you heard was just you’re

typical “action movie trailer music”, most definatley not the movie’s final score.



What are you talking about - this looks great :wink:



JAMES MANGOLD! he did a great job on Walk the Line! This looks fuckin’ badass! I’m looking forward to it!


Nice poster 8)

Has anybody seen the original?


This was just as good as the original, maybe even a little better :wink:


I like all the people involved but when I saw the trailer awhile back it made me not care about the movie as it looked like shite. I hope its good though


Am I the only person who went to see this?


I went to see it on saturday. Definitely the best western since Unforgiven, IMO. The only thing w/in the last decade that comes close is probably the HBO series Deadwood.


Open Range was pretty good.


Tombstone is still my favorite Western after Unforgiven. It rules. I still gotta see 3:10.


[quote=“Jack Rabbit Slim”]
Open Range was pretty good.
Oh yeah, how could I forget about Open Range.



“You did it Pa, you got him in the train” - What a memorable ending, it is rare these days to see a great movie such as this one. I really loved everything about it, but the ending is a masterpiece, it has a twist on it that isin’t even forced. The movie was really about the Russel Crowe character (I always forget the character names!) how he finally sees people for what they really are - the whole movie is just a journey of self-discovery. But anyone in this board who hasen’t seen this film - get off your asses and see it! It’s perfect - it’s not just another western!


I thought it was kind of average (6.5/10) and while it was entertaining it times, overall i found it a bit flat. The only time it outdid the original was the scene in which Russell Crowe has dinner with Christian Bale’s family.

That scene was electrifying and if the film had lived uo to that standard all the way through you’d be looking at a classic. Not as Good as Open Range and of about the same standard as Seraphim Falls. Can’t wait for the Assassination of Jesse James though, i’ve heard it described as the best western Malick never made, which can only be a good thing.


The movie is really about the Russel Crowe character and how he slowly changes. A criminal with seemingly no heart is slowly transformed and changes into a better man - the story was beyond inspirational and uplifting. The Christian Bale charaacter did something beyond himself and succeeded by changing this person. The movie goes beyond the action, which is just the surface of the film. You have to look at it through its emotional action - that side of the film is memorable alone. It’s a great film, a classic

Me, I give it a 10/10


I actually got the ending and all that stuff but something just didnt fit for me. I don’t think Mangold made enough of the landscape that the action and it was all midshots all the way through.

I think it tried to be too much like unforgiven and that got in the way of some of the raw tension that was present in the original