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10 year anniversery just reportet that it’s the 10th anniversary of our beloved movie

they’re talking about a new documentary there. i have the bad feeling that Miramax will push for YET ANOTHER special edition DVD…

Do you think they will be able to get a Tarantino commentary track in there??

If there’s a commentary, and if there’s a new double-dipped dvd, I will fucking buy it. No questions asked.

The documentary would be nice, I’d really doubt about buying another SE DVD if one was introduced. Though having a pulp fiction documentary circulating on T.V. would be a thing to forward too.

I mean. The current SE is really a damn fine DVD, no doubt about it.

BUT a new commentary and a new documentary would really bring me to sell this and get the new one… but we’ll see.

at this point this is only speculation. there have NOT EVEN BEEN rumors about new editions.

If there is a new SE will there be different postcards?

I can’t believe PF is ten! Bruce Willis looks younger than he did ten years ago.

Come to think about it, the regular SE of Pulp is pretty sweet. We get a Jack Rabbit Slim’s menu, a booklet, and a cool Amaray case, and a bunch of priceless QT interviews. I really couldn’t ask for more…er…I still want that goddamn commentary but I’m pretty much satisfied

As part of the 15th aniversary of Empire Magazine, they included these really cool looking mini movie posters (and they aren’t tacky, on shit-arse toilet paper either, they really are in pristine condition). Pulp Fiction is one of them and it looks well sweet!.. just thought i’d share it with you :slight_smile:

I hope there is coming a new dvd. Because next week there is coming a special edition Pulp dvd in Holland. But a lot of the extra’s are cut out.

The special edition DVD we already have is pretty great, why do they have to mess with it? What more can they theoretically bring out that would enhance a new DVD? I love the behind-the-scenes, and deleted scenes kind of things, and unless they have anymore of those up their sleeves(which I hihly doubt) then it wouldn’t be much of an improvement. The thing I hate is that I already know, that if a new DVD was released with just one new thing, that I’ll end up buying it. God damn my Pulp Fiction addiction.


as many others have said, all I want is a fucking QT commentary track. Maybe one with Travolta, Thurman, Willis, and Jackson too. 8)

the only documentry they had for pulp was on IFC with QT, uma, and some of the crew. it was called pulp fiction on the dime but it stopped at the end of june.

It’s still on. I think it’s on tomorrow actually.

yea it is i just saw it was going to be playing agien soon

i’m not sure exaclly what month PULP FICTION came out but i know it came out 10 years ago. It’d be pretty cool if they re-released it in theaters.

i think they did, in a theater in new york. thats all i know. yeah you’re right, they should’ve re-released it. would’ve made some millions of dollars

I haven’t seen Pulp Fiction on the big screen, it would be a great experience if I ever did get to see my best film ever on the big screen.

I haven’t seen Pulp Fiction on the big screen, it would be a great experience if I ever did get to see my best film ever on the big screen.

i think its the best film of its genere

It doesn’t belong to a genre. They really should re-release cult classics and stuff like that, too bad movie companies aren’t that cool.

Yeah it would be if movie companies decided to re-release their films every now and then to theaters, i’de love to see Stanley Kubricks “The Killing”, or The Coens’ “Fargo” on the big screen.