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Zombie Flick/Need F/X

Well, this summer I’m going to be spending my time putting together a Zombie film, just for the hell of it mainly, and I was wondering if any of you folks knew any good sites where I could either buy F/X kits, or a place with some instructions on making fake blood and intestines or what not.

I’ll probably finish the first draft of the script this month and post it up here, if anyone wants to take a look.

Go to a halloween store.

well there is a lot of blood recipes on the internet.

here’s my advice

  1. use as little lighting as posssibile
  2. try and film it like a snuff film
  3. spend the majority of your $$ on blood
  4. make it scary as hell
  5. have the zombies act like zombies for example have them rip a hand(a fake Halloween store hand off of one of your actors and have blood spray out in slow motion)
  6. rent out movie theaters and charge admission and slowly you will have a sleeper hit
  7. enter it into a festival like Sundance or Caanes

yah, like that would happen ::slight_smile:

Lol. Good luck getting accepted it into Sundance or Cannes. Also, have fun paying the admission fees. :-X

How much are the admission fees?

For a film festival of Cannes’s stature… probably well into the thousands.

Sundance is only like 50 bucks though. It’s weird.

I found some good sites for the exact same reason you’re looking for them. It was a bitch finding alot of them, so I know you would like the help.

These forums have some discussions about this:

Tons of recipes for Fake Blood, best site i found:

if anybody still needs pointers on how to create cheap specials effects in a horror movie, i suggest you listen to the audio commentary to “Evil Dead”, Bruce Campbell tells you how you can create the illest zombie for like $10, he also gives tips on cool (yet very simple) camera tricks

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