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Someone noticed that in every movie of Qt is a Zippo:

Reservoir Dogs: Mr. White, Mr. Blonde (I think Joe has one to)

Pulp Fiction: Vincent Vega, Ringo

Jackie Brown: (I thougt Ordell)

Someone know some more? Maybe there are in True Romance, Kill Bill and From Dusk Till Dawn also Zippo’s.

there’s also cigarettes in every movie… :o

Madsen has a cool little poem about his Zippo on the booklet of the Mr. Blonde Special Edition DVD.

I pour another shot

of Vodka

and see my reflection

on the back

of a silver Zippo.

Like a mirror in

an amusment park,

a little crooked,

a little strange.

Never underestimate

the value of a Zippo.


Yeah I’ve read that poem in my Mr Blonde edition dvd. Did the other DVDs have poems?

I know that the Mr. Brown edition has a short thank-you message from Quentin. I don’t have a clue what’s on the others though.