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Your top 10 lists!

…just watched Clockwork Orange, and I have to say that it’s an incredible Piece of Shit!

Are you outta your mind ? It’s a Work of Art ! :o

ah yeah? what’s so “artsy” about it? using classical beethoven music over some weirdish storyline? the music existed before the film and the story existed before the film.

what’s so good about it? it’s totally overrated! I fell asleep watching it so I had to continue watching the next day. I won’t watch it again.

So far, I hate Kubrick. 2001 was a piece of shit and Clockwork orange was equally boring. I like Full Metal Jacket because it has cool dialogue and it’s a vietnam film. but thats 3 kubrick movies, of which 2 are boring. I won’t watch anymore kubrick films, I am fed up with that overrated idiot.

[quote]ah yeah? what’s so “artsy” about it? using classical beethoven music over some weirdish storyline? the music existed before the film and the story existed before the film.

what’s so good about it? it’s totally overrated! I fell asleep watching it so I had to continue watching the next day. I won’t watch it again.

So far, I hate Kubrick. 2001 was a piece of shit and Clockwork orange was equally boring. I like Full Metal Jacket because it has cool dialogue and it’s a vietnam film. but thats 3 kubrick movies, of which 2 are boring. I won’t watch anymore kubrick films, I am fed up with that overrated idiot.[/quote]

2001 is a piece of shit? A Clockwork Orange is boring? Seb we’re talking about Kubrick, not fuckin Joel Schumacher.

I dont know what movies your watching but those two films are a couple of the best films ever made IMO. 2001 certainly isnt the most rip roaring kind of film, but it still is a masterpiece of cinema, years ahead of its time in Special FX too. A Clockwork Orange is totally cool, its a cult classic!! I wasnt bored by it at all.

You need to stop watching Last Man Standing and watch some real movies!! Its affecting your judgement!! :slight_smile:

Full Metal Jackets first half was good, the rest was a letdown.

pete, in totally opposite to you, i respect other people’s opinion.

if you like Kubrick’s movies, that’s okay with me.

i was just stating that In MY opinion they are totally overrated.

Kubrick’s style is totally weird, plot-weak and uses great music that does not relate to the content, in order to make it “cult”-like or whatever.

what’s so “best movie of all time” about showing grunting apes and then cutting to a spaceship with classical music in the background? does the over-use of the word “horror show” or “devotchka” make a movie “kult”?

the other thing about Kubrick is, he fucked with us all by not making movies in Stereo and by not giving us Widescreen. that’s another (Proven) point of how dumb that guy was :wink:

I don’t wanna heat up that discussion, since its a matter of opinion and therefore I wish to end this here, if you like to discuss that with me please open another topic in the loung and we can “go at it” :slight_smile:


Heh, I just may take you up on that offer, O my brother. I used to be obsessed, beyond help really, with ACO. Can’t you tell by my sn?

Although, ACO is the only film I really like by Kubrick (apart from The Shining, which has by now retained a sort of “universally loved” quality). Once the two best characters in Full Metal Jacket departed, I lost interest fast. 2001, Lolita, and Spartacus had me falling asleep. Eyes Wide Shut…don’t get me started on that pointless shit, I’ll be here all day.

My Top Ten:

  1. Reservoir Dogs
  2. Requiem For A Dream
  3. A Clockwork Orange
  4. Pulp Fiction
  5. Se7en
  6. Fight Club
  7. Moulin Rouge
  8. Clerks
  9. Memento
  10. Mulholland Drive


1.Pulp Fiction

2.Reservoir Dogs

3.Jackie Brown

4.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

5.Dawn of the Dead

6.Taxi Driver

7.Hard Boiled

8.The Good The Bad and The Ugly

9.The Empire Strikes Back

10.Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Runners up:The Godfather Trilogy,The Fellowship Of The Ring, From Dusk Till Dawn,Scarface,Once Upon A Time In America, Zombie,Attack of the Clones,Fight Club,Coffy,The Thing, Evil Dead 2,Requiem for a Dream,The Killer,2001:A Space Odyssey, and A Clockwork Orange

I’m new here.

I’m new here.[/quote]



Johnny got his Gun

Born on the 4th of July

The Thin Red Line (Would love to see the expanded cut)

What are your top 10 favorite films?

#1-Pulp Fiction


#3-The Good,The Bad,and The Ugly

#4-Scarface ('83)


#6-The Godfather


#8- Night of the Living Dead ('68)

#9-The Empire Strikes Back

#10-Taxi Driver


2001:A Space Odyssey

From Russia with Love

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Enter the Dragon

The Wild Bunch

Duck Soup

Seven Samurai


John Woo’s The Killer

EL Topo

Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song


Shogun Assassin


Apocalypse Now

Dang…Too many to name

The Thin Red Line (Would love to see the expanded cut)

expanded? I think that movie is long enough already

1. Pulp fuckin Fiction

2. Fight CLub

3. Snatch

4. ColdBLooded

5. Desperato

6. 2 Days In The Valley

7. 3000 Miles To Graceland

8. Interveiw With The Vampire

9. The Shawshank Redemption

10. Welcome To Paradice

Its so damn true, how could anyone see ten top movies in their lives, there so many they cant fit in ten lines

1. Pulp Fiction

2. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

3. Natural Born Killers

4. Blue Velvet

5. Taxi Driver

6. Apacolypse Now

7. The Godfather

8. Brazil

9. Mulholland Dr.

10. Reservoir Dogs

that’s only 10


The visual style is so fresh and clean but at the same time it’s gritty. David O. Russell is a good up-and-coming director to lookout for.


From the writers/directors Harry Elfont and Deborah Kaplan that brought you CAN’T HARDLY WAIT. The production design alone is worth the view. It is very good and it’s very clever for a teen movie. Not too many people would agree with me about how great this movie I but my taste are my own.


*My favorite Alfred Hitchcock film. It has the best action sequence in film history. The last big production film from Hitchcock.


The cutest romantic comedy/drama out there from writer/director Richard Linklater. It’s so smart and cool!


This film tuned me on to foreign art films. Director Wong Kar-Wai is brilliant, it’s very fresh and stylish, simply cool. It’s put out by Quentin Tarantino’s rolling thunder pictures.


*The most unappreciated movie of the 90s! It’s one of the best mystery/crime films to come out of Hollywood. Director Jake Kasdan also directed ORANGE COUNTY and TVs UNDECLARED. If you liked the USUAL SUSPECTS (which is the most overrated movie of the 90s) then you should check this one out. *


This is my favorite film from Quentin Tarantino. It has the sharpest dialogue and the most focused style out of his films. It has the one thing Jean-Luc Godard said about making a good film, “all you need to make a good film is a girl and a gun”. The soundtrack kicks fuckin’ ass with “Across 110th Street”.


WOW! Such a smart and well written film. From the one and only Paul Thomas Anderson. Genius! This is an example of how film is definitely art. It is a classic.


An enjoyable film with one of the best written characters in films. In my opinion, the best character in film, Max Fischer played by Jason Schwartzman. Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson are very clever writers and Wes Anderson is a great American director.


    I know, but it’s sorta cop-out. It is the best film ever made and I really can’t put anything at #1 because I know CITIZEN KANE is good. Orson Wells was a revolutionary writer/director.

    honorable mention:

    ADRENALINE DRIVE by Shinobu Yaguchi

    THE VIRGIN SUICIDES by Sofia Coppola

    BAND OF OUTSIDERS by Jean-Luc Godard

    DONNIE DARKO by Richard Kelly

    GHOST WORLD by Terry Zwigoff

    FALLEN ANGELS by Wong Kar-Wai

    WAKING LIFE by Richard Linklater

    PERFECT BLUE by Satoshi Kon

    THE 400 BLOWS by Francois Truffaut

    BUFFALO 66 by Vincent Gallo

    CHASING AMY by Kevin Smith

    PULP FICTION by Quentin Tarantino

    PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE by Paul Thomas Anderson

    FULL METAL JACKET by Stanley Kubrick

    12 MONKEYS by Terry Gilliam

    POOTY TANG by Louis C.K.

good list.

well i watched Taxi Driver yesterday and BOOM I have to put that into my top-10 somewhere, it’s so fricking awesome.

my top 10 favorite films

10. Reservoir Dogs- I Love This movie

9. Con Air- Great Original Plot and Buscemi was hilarious

8. G.I. Jane- basically the ROCKY of the Navy SEALs. This movie has you cheering Demi Moore on.

7. The Rock- cinematic perfection. From the top notch acting down to Hans Zimmer’s score this film deserved the Best Picture Award in 1996.

6. Jaws- This is a great Thriller Classic Spielberg

5. Raiders Of The Lost Ark- The Film that is like a comic strip as it unfolds. Pure fun again great imagination by Spielberg

4. Die Hard- This is the movie that rewrote the rules on the action movie

3. The Wild Bunch- Violent, Macho and Loud. This is IMO the greatest WESTERN ever made.

2. The Godfather- Great Storytelling by Coppola and Puzo

  1. Star Wars: A New Hope- the greatest film ever.

    Honorable mentions: Get Shorty, Goodfellas, Leon: The Professional, The Usual Suspects, The Graduate, The French Connection, Heat, Under Siege, Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones, Lord Of The Rings, The Blair Witch Project, Dumb and Dumber, Pulp Fiction,

1. Saving Private Ryan

2. Pulp Fiction

3. Schindler’s List

4. American Beauty

5. A Clockwork Orange

6. Apocalypse Now

7. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

8. About Schmit

9. Forrest Gump

10. Jaws

11. Fight Club

12. The Rules of Attraction

13. Seven

14. The Exorcist

15. Goodfellas

Quick comment to Admin: This goes way back…but…Kubrick is one of the greats. His works are art. A Clockwork Orange is brilliant. As is 2001. (HAL 9000!!!). How you could be inept to such beauty is beyond me. This is my humble opinion, and I respect yours even so.

My Top 10: It is impossible for me to come up a ten list. I will however list some films I love and that I do not recall being mentioned. (Although I could be wrong, I won’t go back and check, so forgive me if I err.)

Murder By Decree: This is a movie about Sherlock Holmes. It features Jack the Ripper as the villian. While the thought of Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper is like heaven for me (I’ve loved both since childhood), it is the scenes between Sherlock and Watson that make this movie great. This movie is thrilling, as well as surprisingly sad and touching.

Yojimbo: A perfect samurai film by Kurosawa. What makes this movie so great is the characterization of the title character, and the final duel between Sanjuro (Yojimbo) and Unosuke is wonderful. The former done by Toshiro Mifune, in one of his best performances, and the latter is a now classic battle between sword (Sanjuro) and gun (Unosuke).

The Maltese Falcon: The birth of Noir. This film features great performances from all actors, (including Sydney Greenstreet’s first Talkie role). It also contains a mystery upon which all of the events a built, and the now legendary performance of Humphry Bogart as cynic Sam Spade.

Chinatown: Classic Noir ahead! This movie is great. The strongest part of this movie is the heart-wrenching climax. Also, look for John Huston in one of my favorite performances.

White Heat: All-time favorite gangster film. (This and Godfather). This film is more than just a Gangster Film though. A portion of it is great prison drama. But I’d say this film is a showcase for James Cagney. This IS his career summed up. Top of the world ma!

Beauty and the Beast (1991):The Greatest animated film ever. Wonderful animation, classic musical tunes, and a beautiful ending.

Who Framed Rodger Rabbit?: The perfect fusion of Hard Boiled detective Noir and Slapstick Animation Comedy. WHAT? This is a truely brilliant film. Notable performances all around, but this is one of those you have to see to fully appreciate.

Dead Again: Kenneth Branagh’s Hitchcockian thriller is just as good as any of the works of the master himself. A terrifically staged movie. All of the acting is great, but the true perfection of this film is in its 2, count em’ 2 plot twists that each rival any twist ever seen in a movie.

To Kill A Mockingbird: This is a beautiful film. It is one of those rare film that at the end gives me chills. Chills that beg the screen for more of this movie, just one more day to spend with its characters. Maybe its just me that gets these feelings at some movies, but its those feeling that make me love cinema.

Anatomy of a Murder: This is my favorite courtroom drama. The best part of this movie is the verbal duel between Jimmy Stewart and George C. Scott. Amazing.

The Silence of the Lambs: This film is great on so many levels. I’ll only list one. The performance by Anthony Hopkins. It is my all time favorite movie performance. I love him. “I’m having an old friend for dinner.” Gives me chills everytime.

Titus: The most technically perfect movie I have ever seen. It takes place in the ancient Rome while having tanks and machine guns. It also is a Shakesperian. I love Shakespeare. Look for Anthony Hopkins, Jessica Lange, and Alan Cummings for awesome performances. Costumes and set design is perfect as well.

Blood Simple: The Coen brothers first and best movie. Its beauty is in the simplicity of its plot. It is so increadibly uncomplicated, yet the characters of the movie all have miss-conceptions of what is happening, each dragging the film to its thrilling ending. M. Emmit Walsh is great!

Ben-Hur: The Best of the Roman epics. This film is a true classic that will be remembered for years to come. If you haven’t seen this you should be ashamed. Great performances all around. Especially the supporting characters. Gosh what a great movie this is.

Much Ado About Nothing (1993): I already stated how I love Shakespeare. This film is his best comedy, and leaves me with tears of joy. Possibly the lightest and most enjoyable film I’ve ever seen.

Batman (1989): When superhero movies are done correctly, they’re really good. When they are done to perfection, the movies are awesome. Unfortunately this is rarely the case. this film is a perfect superhero movie, (the best of the genre),and is a great film. Watch for Nicholson as the Joker!

The Natural: The greatest movie ever made about the greatest sport ever played. Hey! that rhymed! Seriously thogh, this is one great movie. The end is so wonderful. Hands down Redfords best performance.


MacBeth (1971):

The Three Musketeers (1973):


My Fair Lady:

Jack the Ripper (1988 made for TV):

Lone Star:

The Name of the Rose:

I’ll modify this and finish it later.

1.Pulp Fiction + All Monty Python movies (That’s Life of Brian, Meaning of Life & Holy Grail) to tie for the best.

5. Reservoir Dogs

6. Fight Club

7. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

8. Trainspotting

9. The Usual Suspects

10. Matrix

I could name a hundred more and it wouldn’t be enough.

ones im thinkn about rite now… hmmm

Fight Club(favorite above all others)

Pulp Fiction

Resevoir Dogs


The Seven Samurai(classic)


Lock Stock and Two Smokn Barrels

American History X

Run Lola Run

whoa almost forgot Taxi Driver!!

theres soooo many… how do u guys figure it out!!! lol

1.Pulp Fiction

2.Reservoir Dogs

3.Taxi Driver

4.The Good The Bad and The Ugly

5.The Godfather Part II

6.The Wild Bunch

7.The Godfather


9.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

10.Dawn of the Dead

Runners up:The Killer, The Seven Samurai, West Side Story, Jackie Brown, Zombie, A Fistful Of Dollars, The Godfather Part III, Once Upon A Time In America, Yojimbo, Rio Bravo, Evil Dead 2, From Dusk Till Dawn, Back to the Future, The Boondock Saints, Fight Club, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, The Empire Strikes Back, The Fellowship of The Ring, The Streetfighter, Desperado, Return Of The Living Dead, Foxy Brown, Switchblade Sisters, The Two Towers, Requiem for a Dream, Ghost World, Return of the Jedi, The Beyond, Five Deadly Venoms, Master Of The Flying Gullotine, Return of the Dragon, A Better Tomorrow II, and Attack of the Clones

why must everyone insist on having Fight Club as one of their favourite movie.its not a modern classic,its grossly overrated,and whats even worse is that the biggest fans seem to miss the message