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Your tarantino collection

hi there.

I am asking this because I KNOW that people in here do have more Tarantino stuff on DVD or VHS at home than me ( I am a poor freak, hehe).

How big is your Tarantino DVD/VHS/LD collection at home?

mine is:

  • From Dusk Till Dawn Collector’s DVD Package of 3 (4 DVDs)
  • Four Rooms DVD (US)
  • Little Nicky DVD (US, Platinum Series)
  • Desperado/El Mariachi DVD (US, 2-on-one)
  • Jackie Brown Collector’s Edition (2 DVD, UK)
  • Reservoir Dogs Special Edition (Australia, 2 DVD)
  • Pulp Fiction Collector’s Edition (2 DVD, UK)
  • True Romance Special Edition (UK, 2 DVD)

    Rolling Thunders I have:

    Chungking Express

    Detroit 9000

    Switchblade Sisters

    now how does yours look like?

So far I have:

Reservoir Dogs VHS/1st DVD/2 Spec Ed DVDs (Mr Orange, Mr Blonde)

True Romance VHS/1st DVD

Pulp Fiction VHS/1st DVD/Spec Ed DVDs

Jackie Brown - Coll Ed DVD

From Dusk Till Dawn - VHS

QT on the Charlie Rose Show - Taped from TV

QT on Saturday Night Live - Taped on TV

QT on Alias Pt 1 and 2 - Taped from TV

QT in Sergio Leone: Once Upon a Time (a documentary) Taped from TV

I forgot the Rolling Thunder Pictures films:

Switchblade Sisters - DVD

Mighty Peking Man - DVD

I have the Desperado and El Mariachi DVDs BUT thats Robert “Sell Out” Rodriguez stuff. :slight_smile:

From Dusk Till Dawn SE DVD (UK R2)

Pulp Fiction SE DVD (UK R2)

Jackie Brown SE DVD (UK R2)

Eagerly awaiting a decent Reservoir Dogs set, True Romance and Natural Born Killers.

Reservoir Dogs VHS

Reservoir Dogs 10th Anniversary DVD Edition

Pulp Fiction Letterboxed Collector’s Edition VHS

Pulp Fiction 2 Disk Collector’s Edition DVD

From Dusk Till Dawn VHS Widescreen collector’s edition

From Dusk Till Dawn Trilogy DVD box Set

Jackie Brown DVD

Desperado VHS

Desperado DVD

True Romance VHS

True Romance 2 Disk Set DVD Unrated Director’s Cut

I got:

DOGS: VHS and “Mr. Blonde” DVD

TRUE ROMANCE: 2-disc DVD ( I remember I thought I was hot sh!t when I taped HBO’s first airing of the “Director’s cut”. I still have that somewhere)

PULP: VHS widescreen and 2-Disc DVD

DUSK: VHS (fullscreen) DVD-Bare bones version (Got this free w/ PULP & JACKIE) and I’m still lookin to get the Collector’s DVD w/ Commentary & "Full tilt Boogie"

JACKIE: VHS and 2-Disc DVD



IRON MONKEY: DVD (Tarantino interview)

THE TYPEWRITER,THE RIFLE, and THE CAMERA (The Sam Fuller documentary with QT apperances & Interviews)

ONCE UPON A TIME documentary

BADASSSSS CINEMA (IFC’s documentary with QT)

I have the Desperado and El Mariachi DVDs BUT thats Robert “Sell Out” Rodriguez stuff.[/quote]

Got that too


I have the Desperado and El Mariachi DVDs BUT thats Robert “Sell Out” Rodriguez stuff. :slight_smile:[/quote]

Bah i hope your being sarcastic :slight_smile: We all know that is Spy Kids


Reservoir Dogs Mr. Pink SE

Pulp Fiction CE

Jackie Brown CE

and Tarantino related

From Dusk til Dawn SE

Killing Zoe

El Mariachi/Desperado - same one disc edition

Natural Born Killers Director’s Cut

still want the True Romance special edition

and Four Rooms - I love the Tarantino segment, but I hate the first two…just can’t seem to dig them


pulp fiction (vhs=german )

pulp fiction dvd ce ( 2dvds rc1)

reservoir dogs dvd ce ( 2dvds rc1)

“Natural born killers” deluxe ( 3dvds - rc 2 )

From dusk till dawn ( 2 dvds - uncut from uk )

Desperado / el mariachi dvd (rc 2 / 2 on one )

jackie brown ( ce / rc1 )

true romance (se /rc1 )

well, i recorded the 2 episodes of alias and ER

thats it

I have Reservoir Dogs Mr.Blonde Ten years US

    True Romance Director’s Cut 2 disk  US

    Natural Born Killers Director’s Cut   US

    Pulp Fiction Collector’s Edition 2 disk US

    Desperado                  US

From Dusk Till Dawn Collector’s Edition 2 disk US

    Jackie Brown Collector"s Edition 2 disk US

here’s my list

Tarantino an Tarantino related:

  1. Reservoir Dogs S.E. Mr. Orange DVD rc1
  2. Pulp Fiction DVD (german release) rc2
  3. Jackie Brown DVD (german release) rc2
  4. From Dusk Till Dawn 2 DVDs rc2
  5. True Romance DVD rc2 (german uncut release)
  6. True Romance DVD rc1 (US relaese)
  7. Four Rooms DVD rc2 (unfortunetely without english audio track)
  8. Desperado/EL Mariachi DVD rc2 (german release)
  9. Natural Born Killers (NL release)
  10. Killing Zoe (US release) rc1

    and some other jewels not related to QT

Now here is my collection:

  • Four Rooms (VHS/UK)
  • From Dusk Till Dawn (2-Disc DVD Set/RC1)
  • Jackie Brown (2-Disc DVD Set/RC1)
  • Pulp Fiction (2-Disc DVD Set/RC1)
  • Pulp Fiction (4-Disc Criterion Collection LD Set/US)
  • Pulp Fiction (2-Disc LD Set/Japan)
  • Reservoir Dogs (2-Disc DVD Set “Mr.Brown”/RC1)
  • Reservoir Dogs (LD/US)
  • True Romance “Unrated DC” (2-Disc DVD Set/RC1)
  • True Romance “Unrated DC” (2-Disc LD Set/US)

    That’s it!

i have:

resevoir dogs vhs

resevoir dogs vanilla dvd

pulp fiction 2 disc dvd

er (motherhood) taped off telly

rough copy of my best friends birthday( sound and quality really shitty )

jackie brown 2 disc dvd

desperado vhs

four rooms vanilla dvd

sleep with me taped off telly

from dusk till dawn 2 disc edition

little nicky vhs

and i would give most of it up if i could get my hands on the resevoir dogs 10th anniversary edition but i live in a ireland where it is not available

My DVD collection expands, but the Tarantino section is somewhat small at the moment. The main cause is, that the german DVD´s are simply useless. So I have to import, and that´s not cheap.

Quentin´s Movies:

  • “Reservoir Dogs”: GB DVD (KW, Momentum), RC 2

  • “Pulp Fiction”: GB DVD, 2-Disc Collerctor´s Edition (BV), RC 2


  • “True Romance”: German DVD (LP), RC 2

  • “Desperado”: German DVD, Double Feature (+ “El Mariachi”) (BV), RC 2

I have

Pulp Fiction: CE

Jackie Brown: CE

Reservoir Dogs : Mr. Brown

True Romance: Unrated Director’s cut

From Dusk Till Dawn Collector’s Series

Pulp Fiction CE DVD

Reservoir Dogs CE DVD (Mr. White)

Jackie Brown CE DVD

Little Nicky VHS

yeah its small, but i’m building up.

-Reservoir Dogs VHS(US)

-RD basic DVD (R1)

-RD 10yr (Mr. Brown)

-Pulp Fiction CE VHS

-Pulp CE DVD (R1)

-Pulp Basic (R1)

-Jackie Brown VHS (US) widescreen

-Jackie Brown CE DVD (R1)

-My Best Friends Birthday

-True Romance basic DVD

-True Romance SE DVD

-Four Rooms DVD




-El Mariachi/Desperado DVD

Hey QTFightClub, I watched that Baaaaadasssss Cinema doc on IFC, I didn’t know it’s on DVD too…is there any additional interviews with QT on it or anything? ???

yea, there is additional footage, but I don’t know what is different, considering that I only saw it on IFC 1 time.

Reservoir Dogs special edition

Pulp Fictio collector’s edition

From Dusk Till Dawn widescreen

Jackie Brown collector’s edition

Pulp Fiction SE 2-Disc DVD

Reservoir Dogs SE 2-Disc DVD (Mr. Pink)

Jackie Brown SE 2-Disc DVD

Four Rooms DVD

From Dusk Till Dawn SE 2-Disc DVD (With Full Tilt Boogie)

True Romance SE Directer’s Cut 2-Disc DVD

Desperado SE DVD (He’s in it)

Iron Monkey SE DVD (Produced it)