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Your short films on you tube

hey didnt see another topic on this so thought id start this one. add the links to your movies here!

mine is:

sharp eyed viewers will notice this very website in one of the scenes. I made the movie as part of one of those 24 hour movie making competitions. it had to be seven minutes long and only use in camera editing. i was crap at in-camera so i re-edited it yesterday (having forgot about it for a year) and added a soundtrack and i think its pretty cool. coz we had to scrap most of the script i added a montage at the end to explain how the two stories link.

let me know what you think

Meh… I liked the shot where you looked up into the sky and then zoomed out, good shot. But the rest, I dunno…the audio was off a bit, so that was annoying.

I’d hate to use in-camera editing.

It was interesting; even funny at times. Not bad.

It was ok some funny parts in there i would give it a 79/100.