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Your favorite scene!

What is you fav scene in RD.

Mine is the torture scene!!

Mr. Blonde kicks ass!!

My favorite, believe it or not, is the first scene.

Dick, dick, dick, Like a Virgin, Fuckin Toby Chang, jews with balls, no tipping, waitresses getting fucked up the ass by society, going over 10% for a dick suck, and of course, QT saying “what the, what fuck was I talking about, okaaayy!!”

Yes, I added the okaaaay part for effect. :wink:

Actually, he says 12%, but i’ll let it slide this time. lol. My favorite scenes are divided evenly between three;

  1. The torture scene of course. Hilarious!
  2. The slowmotion walking scene. love the song, the slomo, and quentin’s face.
  3. The camodo story. Mr. Orange’s back story is great, and that scene is classic.

The Infamous List!

  1. The Ear Scene ;D
  2. The Camode Story 8)

    3.The Mexican Stand

    off :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. Like A Virgin :o

    In the words of Comic Book Guy:

    “Best scenes ever”

1. The ear scene (Need I say more?)

2. The car/cop beating scene (I love the music and the cuts between the warehouse and Eddie on his cell. And Madsen looks so fuckin’ awesome unrolling the duct tape!)

3. The walking scene (So Fucking COOL!)

Apart from the obvious ones I like the scene where they get their names.

[quote]Apart from the obvious ones I like the scene where they get their names.[/quote]

I love that scene too, especially with Pink’s over reacting when he gets his name. I dont know why, but one of the reasons I love this movie so much is because of the color-coded names. For me, it wouldn’t have been the same if they’d have been called Larry, Vic, Freddie etc. on the job. It just gave a real sense of mystery around them as characters.

[quote]I love that scene too, especially with  Pink’s over reacting when he gets his name.

hah…yah…“why do I gotta be Mr.Pink?”…- “Because you’re a faggot, ok!”

“Mr. Brown, it’s-it’s a little to close to Mr. Shit”

Well Mr. Pink sounds like Mr. Pussy.

[quote]Apart from the obvious ones I like the scene where they get their names.[/quote]

thats my favourite to. But i dotn see why people loved the torture scene so much i mean it was good and all but no the best.

the scene where he is practicing the story and his living room becomes the bathroom. Fucking incredible approach to the art of acting. QT is making a point that life is acting and the stars are our gods, leaders, and philosopher kings. the harsh lighting is great too

I like the scene, where Mr. Orange gets a bullet forced into his stomach area and lies bleeding in the backseat! Mandamn, this scene seems to be real!

yah with the squirmin’ and his voice

After the stand off in the final scene. White is holding Orange in anguish and Orange admitts he is a cop. The squad busts through the door as White is holding a gun to Oranges face. The camara zooms in moving them further out of frame. The gun goes off and the cops frenzy.

I thought that was one of the most powerful scenes in the movie. ;D

The scenes where the crew was all together before the robbery like in the warehouse when Joe tells them thier names, when Orange, Pink, Eddie and White are all in the car talking normally and in the beginning dicussion. Also the torture scene as well.

The Like a Virgin scene, and the ear cutting scene

I like the small convo while Pink, Orange, White and Eddie are all in the car talking about how black women stand up too people. Reminds me of my mom.

I almost for got about that scene Bullet. It reminds me of ,well me :slight_smile:

Ear cutting scene and when mr.white says to “that girls ass” orange replies “sitting right here on my dick” ahaha