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Your Band, Your First Album

Here’s a funny (but kind of geeky) thing one of my facebook friends posted today. I’m bored so I decided to do it and share it with you all :]

[quote]1. Go to wikipedia and search for a random page, or follow this link :

The first article you find is your band name

2. Go to this site for an english quotation :

The few last words of the last quotation is your album name

3. Follow this flickr link :

The 3rd image is your album cover

4. With a photo editing program (photoshop, paint…), create your album cover with all these elements.[/quote]

My album:


I hope this thread won't "flatline" ^^ it got really cool on another forum I'm used to go to.


Plotting my happiness would be such a great album name.

Great covers so far!

Pretty cool stuff there. I took some liberties with the photoshopping (original pic), but here comes the debut album from Lockhart Duff: Enjoyment Of One’s Self.