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You tell me QT isn't drunk in these pictures

Uma is thinking…  “Man, I’m so fucking embarassed…”

“Quentin, I thought we were just friends…”

Lol, you should also post the one when he kisses her. That’s the greatest of the lot.

Damn. Quentin - ar at least Quentin’s fans - always pride himself/ourselves on the fact that he’s the King of Cool Cinema, but when he gets a few beers in him, the dork within really leaps right out.

I live in UK,

so I didnt watch this.

But apparently QT was well drunk when he appeared on J. Leno show last nite.

It does look like he’s putting the moves on Uma, there. Can you blame him, though? She looks very pretty in those pics. :slight_smile:

Umas just QTS muse! Nothing more!..(snicker snicker).

QT loves him some Uma! :slight_smile:

Dude how can you not love Uma?

Wow !

I wish they make a POSTER of that shot :wink: with a lil “here comes the bride” font to it.

[quote]Dude how can you not love Uma?

Wow !


WHOAAAA BABY!!! DADDY LIKE! :slight_smile:

( Man, that first pic of The Mack aka QT w/ Uma is makin me laff my ass off. Hes like CAN YOU DIG IT?! I KNEW THAT YOU COULD!)

I would fuck the shit out of her. Shit if I was QT, I would be banging her day and night.

OMG, that second picture is hilarious, lol! He looks like he’s totally in love with her… or just wants to fuck her, whatever.


I never liked UMA but caught Baron Van Manchousen (spelling…) by Terry Gilliam recently and noticed she was in it (ain’t seen it since it came out)

anyhow - with that and this new KILL BILL she’s got my juices flowing!

[quote]Dude how can you not love Uma?

Wow !


There is a God!!

lol those pics are hilarious!! especially the first one, hes probably thinking, “hahaha, all you suckers, looka me, i’ve got Uma in my arms. in your face, peasants!”

Uma is so attractive, whatever made Ethan want to cheat on her?! On the looks of the 2nd pic, it looks like QT will be moving in fast!

can someone tell me where to see the pictures? they’re not showing up anymore :-[

Does anyone have any pictures of him on Leno - was he off his face then?

I got a video-clip of it, might post it up

can someone tell me where to see the pictures? they’re not showing up anymore :-[

I cant see them either!!! someone wants to repost them? :’(

I want too ! :-[

I think they were close to the ones below:


That cane is fuckin legendary