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You know you're obsessed with True Romance if

You know you’re obsessed with True Romance if…

1)You travel across the country to sell stolen coke

2)You get married to a whore the day after you met her

3)You use a whole pound of sugar per ounce of coffee

4)You meet Elvis Presley everytime you take a piss

5)You drive a red Mustang

6)You find it’s romantic to kill a pimp

7)Your bedroom is a pop-culure explosion

8)You say to Sicilians that they’re carrying nigger blood

9)You watch Kung fu triple features for your birthday

10)You work in a comic books store

11)You leave your ID on the crime scene everytime you commit a massacre

12)You name your kid Elvis

13)You eat magnets

Feel free to add whatever makes you realize that you’re obsessed with True Romance!

- You say “Helloooo Baaaaaaaaaby!” everytime someone you call picks up the phone.

  • You recite Clarence’s Jailhouse Rock monolgue everytime youre at a bar.

  • Everytime you drive out of a fast food parking lot you say “We now return to Bullitt already in progress”

  • Every month you give your landlord an empty envelope and tell him “Thats for my piece of mind…etc”

  • You only eat the gorilla in animal crackers.

  • Your living room looks like Drexl’s pimp pad/ You sit around in your boxers, robe and a leather hat and eat Chinese food and watch The Mack once a week.

  • You make your dates spill popcorn on your lap and brush it off whenever you goto the movies.

  • You do fake kung fu on her when you get out of the movies. Even when the movie you saw ISNT kung fu.


  • You only eat the gorilla in animal crackers.

Hahahaha good one!