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Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Anyone picked up the deluxe album?

It’s already out for just 9.94. I highly recommend it, it’s so fantastic. It’s called “It’s Blitz”. Also the cool video for zero is out on youtube and aol.


Ill look this up, i like a variety of music, and I find them pretty cool.

The new album is of course more than great. I bought tickets to go see them live end of april. I can’t wait.

My fav tracks are so far :

  • Punchy/screamy tracks : Heads Will Roll and Zero
  • Melancholic tracks : Little Shadow and Skeletons

Saw them in live tonight in Paris. Was wild and screamy and A LOT of SWEATING. Karen O is the best live performer ever. The gig was awesome and unbelievable. They played for a little bit more than one hour but it didn’t feel too short because of the energy. They started with Heads Will Roll and ended with Maps and Pins. Was perfect. The tracklist was really cool cause there was as much old songs than the recent ones and I think they must have played around twenty songs or maybe a bit less but still A LOT. No break.

If there’s any pics on the net of the gig, I’ll show you what she comes with on the first track. Hysterical. And it was Nick Zinner’s birthday so the public sang him a happy birthday song ;D

A friend of mine knows them pretty well, I was shocked when she told me.

new album is a real departure from their earlier stuff…I think its the best so far. ‘Soft Shock’ is a killer tune.

A friend of mine knows them pretty well, I was shocked when she told me.

I’d be too though I’d find to talk to them if I had a friend so, ahah. One of my friend told me she spent a whole week on a shooting with one of the guys from Daft Punk (and therefore didn’t know it was him cause she didn’t know his face before), ate at his place and all, ahah.


Do you have the html code for the last pic of Karen O?

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I can show you a lot of other pics if you want. I knew you’d love it. Isn’t her light mask so cool ?? She came with it on the first track, Heads Will Roll. Was the best introduction I have ever seen in a gig.

I really love that song. Soft Shock and Runaway are also very good, were thos pics taken by Nick Zinner?

were thos pics taken by Nick Zinner?

Ahah, not at all, and you can even see him in the background. It was taken by someone from the audience obviously.

Three vids :

In Amsterdam, the day before the gig in Paris, same intro with the light mask, so that you can see the effect.

And two vids from the gig in Paris :

Poor guys, Heads Will Roll WITHOUT the mask… poor poor guys… 4 days before Paris… AHAH, Paris forever !

Off with head - dance, dance to the dead!

Heads are rolling on the floor with this cool dancing wolf-man!

Richard Ayoade is a great actor and director. I love him in The IT Crowd and he directed aweosme vids from Arctic Monkeys and The Last Shadow Puppets. I prefered the last vid of the YYY but the end of this one is so awesome that I kinda forgot watching it that I was a bit disappointed by Richard Ayoade.

I’m currently obsessed with Heads Will Roll. Man I hope they tour Australia this year. In my top 5 live bands.

I found some pretty rare Yeah Yeahs rare mp3s. Free to download no viruses.

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A deleted track from “It’s Blitz” called “Faces”.

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