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Xploitedcinema dvds

I know that this isn’t exactly the right section to post in but i didn’t know where else to post this…I was wondering if is a good site to order from, cuz im thinkin about ordering some italian crime and spaghetti western dvds from this site. I mean they are high priced but its the only place to get them. Im also goin to have to buy a region free dvd player to play them cuz they are in region 0 and 2…So my question is, for those of you have ordered from xploitedcinema, how was it, was it fast and easy, etc.? And anyone who has a region free dvd player, what would you recommend i buy. Thanks.

I’ve used them a few times, no problems.

But they’re expensive. You can get the US dvds cheaper from dvdpacific for example and everything else you should order from the country the dvd was produced in.

alright so u would reccomend xploutedcinema, i checked out dvd pacific and they didnt have everything i want, im making a 15 dvd or so $315 buy, so i wanted to make sure the site was reliable. So now i found this region free dvd player for a cheap price, do u have a region free dvd player, cuz i figure its the easiest way. Im buying giallo, italian crime, and spaghetti westerns so they range all over in region codes.

Been region free since I turned 14.

If I were in your position I’d track down each dvd from the country it was produced in but if you’re in the US then exploited may work (could be cheaper after shipping). But I’m not familiar with italian stuff at all so I don’t know where to get those dvds for best prices. I just know that in case of asian dvds you end up paying 170-300% if you get your dvds from american (or any other) import stores.

There’s a couple of Italian dvds I’m thinking about getting sometime soon. Haven’t got round to figuring out where to get them yet, but when I do I’ll start looking for Italian sites.

pretty cool site i may order from there but yes a little exspensive.

alright thanks, in my position, its seems as though xploited is the best choice…what italian movies are you looking for, i might now where you can get them

Milan Calibre 9 and La Mala Ordina (and maybe a couple of Raro Video’s Tsukamoto dvds at the same)

o, im not sure, but ill look around. What region free dvd player would you recommend becuase some people say that certain ones only play 0/1 and are not code free even when they play PAL and NTSC

I don’t really know, I have Pioneer DV-380 myself at the moment. It’s a good and cheap standard player, not originally region free but the seller had no problem making it region free. No way I’d ever take a region encoded player, even if I got one for free.

I don’t know about US markets. The situation over there is a bit different. I see “real” movie fans stuck with region codes while over here a 13 year old kid wouldn’t take a region encoded player (okay, maybe some 13 your olds would, but still ;D)

btw, this thread sould be in Movie corner (non-QT) --> DVD discussions (NON-QT) over here. I’ll ask someone to move it there.

xpolited cinema is the only place I can find The Big Gundown, although everything is a little exspensive…

[quote=“Jack Rabbit Slim”]
xpolited cinema is the only place I can find The Big Gundown, although everything is a little exspensive…

which version? Quite few releases excists. I can see if I can find it cheaper somewhere… although I don’t know anything about these films. Oh well, it’s about time to learn.

Any version…they have the Italian version and the DVD-R one.

the German dvd would seem like a good choise

it’s the long version and with english subs and ita audio

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But it’s only available in a box set

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same price, surprisingly

The japanese dvd is the shorter version, and in english. Only in a box set and apparently out of print

The italian dvd is three times cheaper bought from italy:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 8YcYgbVPb0”></LINK_TEXT>

it’s the longer version but no english sub or audio

the spanish disc I should be able to find easily but it’s dubbed in spanish so figured out it wouldn’t interest you

And what comes to that dvd-r, I wouldn’t buy a bootleg.

If I were after the film I’d buy the German box, I think

Thanks… I didn’t see that box set on xploitedcinema :smiley: