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ommmmg! y’all must must must check it out! it’s my newest website dedicated to all things quentin!

but ohmyga! it is in NO WAY in competition with my favorite site ever, that is! this site is THE best of the best! ohmyga, so serious! I am in love with it, with the people everything!

its more of a place for my tannn little ass to post on all the SEXxxxiness that is my (I mean, our) QT!

I’m trying to get an online petition for Quentin to be SEXXXXIEST MAN ALIVE next year (I know he probably could care less - but darnit he deserves it)

hope you all love it!



You’re hardcore girl. I’m not discouraging you, just sayin.


Im sure QT appreciates the love your showin’ him. :slight_smile:

Cool site. It’s better than the Archives, The Deuce and the SWDB combined!

Well maybe not, but it still looks good.

I’m in love with Grindhouse Barbie.

Me too. She gives me a super hard boner.

um, wow, so like totally have not seen this post in like forever! got some lovin’ and a boner shout-out. nice!

but y’all…

something dread-tastic happened today - my pussy wagon LITERALLY died on me (or not literally?! I don’t know)

I hope the tarantino-vibes don’t start rubbing off of me…or I guess I’ll just have to start rubbing up on Quentin! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

full vlog at

totally know if anyone understands it’s the archives a$$holes (meant as a term of endearment, F roger avary)



There’s a featurette here <LINK_TEXT text=“ … o_count=13”>,_Quentin/Videos/?vxChannel=&vxClipId=&video_title=Tarantino+upbeat+over+film&video_count=13</LINK_TEXT> that shows you meeting QT.

okeeeeeeeee - - -

okay, so like OMG! wtf?! where is a “Sleep with Me” thread?!?!? sooo couldn’t find it anywhere!

ummm, yeah, but it’s all good because there IS a thread! yay!

so I haven’t updated it in like forever, busy with like finals (yesss! I’m actually in school! omg!) ha…

beauty and brains, riiiight?!?!

okee -

so yeah, just updated it with my newest video…


you know you’re going to love it…LOVE IT!



You really write like you talk in your videos, it’s like I can hear you while reading, awesome :slight_smile: