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Writing a true story, not recomended?

Just curious,

are compainies less or more interested in true stories?

no one famous, but i am writing something with the real peoples names and the real places they’re stories took place.

i’m pretty sure if any one bought this script i could get everyone to sign off to be in it.

or do you think i’m just better off changing the characters to not resemble the people who inspired this story and save some headaches?

Well, first let me ask you, do you have their consent to write about them? Most true stories are hardly 100% true some of it has to be fiction, so if the story is interesting and written well…maybe.

i don’t have their permission yet, but i don’t think any of them would object when or if i asked. i know the odds of having your screenplay bought or heavily considered are not very good so i figured i would wait untill i was actually lucky for something to happen with it.

If it’s not about anyone famous or something that at least made the headlines I don’t think it really matters to the studios if it’s true or not. It really just comes down to how interesting your premise is and whether or not it’s well written.

As far as the names are considered, I say if it makes it easier to write with your friends names in there keep writing it like that. You can always change them later if need be.