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Worst Scene in Pulp


No scene stands out as being boring or unnecessary during the first five to ten viewings of Pulp Fiction. But after you’ve watched it an insane amount of times, all the Butch/Fabienne stuff in the hotel room slows everything down. But I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s an unnecessary or boring scene, it just doesn’t keep the pace of the rest of the film.

Plus, as an aside… Nothing can be MORE perfect. Perfection is an absolute.
It slows everything down for a reason. A real roller coaster ride!


I really can’t think of any scene as being bad or the worse in the movie. They are all excellent to me.


The part when Fabian goes on about wanting a pot belly gets soooo annoying - I always skip it LOL


The scene with the Gimp just makes me cringe.


I loathe the young Butch watch scene. I always skip it. It’s too long and boring.


I have to agree that Bruce Willis sucks in this movie, but I like him as a actor.


Pulp Fiction!! My favorite!!


I remember when I first started getting into Q.T. and I had only seen Pulp Fiction 3 or 4 times, the whole Mia Wallace/Vincent Vega date was always a little boring to me. I did appreciate it for what it was, but I always thought it was a bit too much of talking.

Cut 3,4 years later I absolutely love the scene and I can’t imagine the movie without it. It needs it, I think it’s the key component of the film that makes Pulp Fiction so great.

BUT, if I absolutely HAD to choose a scene to throw out today it woul dprobably be… The whole Bruce Willis/Fabienne foreplay thing. I always found the way the two interact with each other a little awkward, the whole oral pleasure thing especially. I still LOVE it as part of Pulp Fiction, but if I had to kill somethin’, I’d kill that.


[quote=“Darryl Revok”]I’ve always felt that every single moment in Pulp Fiction serves it’s purpose perfectly.[/quote]

I Agree with this totally.


Before reading this thread I didn’t think that PF had any worst scene. After reading your opinions, I realized that I don’t like at all the shower scene!!