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Without a Trace

Hey i jus started watching this program in the UK its called without a trace this may have been already mentioned cos it probs came out in america first but this guy is looking for his kid that went missing 6 years ago and there was a funny little mention init, he hires a private investigator and he cant pay him any more and the guy tells him he has more information but wont give it up unless he pays and the private investigator says “Then he went tarantino on me and whipped out a gun” i just thought it was a funny lil mention! anyone else seen thos.

I hate it. everytime the word Tarantino comes up somewhere, it’s associates to crazy gangsters and trigger-happy weirdos with guns…

Tarantino shouldn’t have made reservoir dogs.

I think people who connect tarantino to that blood and violence gangster bam-bam stuff are stupid. they dont know shit about it.

"then he went tarantino on me…"

what the fuck does that mean? what is “going tarantino”? its just bullshit I think.

but nice that you noticed that :wink:

[quote]Tarantino shouldn’t have made reservoir dogs.


Whoa, let's not say stuff we'd later regret.

That line of dialogue is lame as hell by the way. I wanna go Peckinpah on their ass.

“Then he went tarantino on me and whipped out a gun” - Lol what a great thing to say, I love it. ;D

yeah lets not say stuff we’d regret okay saying he shouldnt have made reservoir is like saying he sudnt have made Pulp!

ye i was watching that on monday night and suddenly i became a lot more interested , it was very cool the way he said it (Tarantino shouldn’t have made reservoir dogs) lol Mad!

reminds me of Tarantino’s dialogue from From Dusk till Dawn

"I will turn this place into the fucking Wild Bunch!"

"then he went tarantino on me"

do you realize how many meanins that could have?

did he OD?

did he get shot?

was he about to fuck him while he was in a coma?

did he chop his limbs up?

did he kill a bride?

did he win a boxing match when he was supposed to lose?

or maybe he turned into a vampire

raped an ugly chick in a motel room?

use holy water filled condoms on vampires?

act like a crazy blind priest?

or did he just act like a movie geek?

i guess we will never know

a better reference to tarantino i saw the other day was in one of the episodes of the ‘clerks’ animated tv show.

randal rings some sort of government agency who puts the town under quarantine after he freaks out and thinks the towns riddled with the motaba virus (from ‘outbreak’). the agents are chatting to dante and hes like pleading with them and saying ‘theres no outbreak! youve just been by pranked by a pop culture obsessed loud mouth with an over active imagination’

the agent looks at him and says ‘quentin tarantino?’ lol