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Will be Inglourious Basterds nominated for best picture?

Rembember, this year are 10 films)

with 10 nomination - it better be. If not, then it’s the final confirmation for me that the Oscars are a big fucking joke.

It wont be

Inglorious Basterds will win the Oscar for Best Picture even though it doesnt deserve it. In my opinion Bruno should win Best Picture.

Kenneth I reached that point last year, Slumdog winning anything, much less the top prizes fucked with my head. Incredible.

Mr. Pink you exasperate me. Just in case:

While my first reaction, and hope, is it would be, there are a surprising number of flicks this year that the academy (makes me cringe just writing that, who the fuck are they to be called the academy) would probably feel more comfortable handing out nominations to.

Is it a film geek thing do you think of having this negative attitude towards the oscars?

[quote=“Ordell Rodriguez”]
Is it a film geek thing do you think of having this negative attitude towards the oscars?[/quote]

I think almost all movie buffs laugh about the Oscars.

Oscars aren’t for true movie lovers, but for people interested in various forms of filmic art.

i dont think it can win…but im reasonably confident that it will be nominated

As much as I would love it too win… I don’t think it will. Mostly because of the way the oscars run. It’s not very often that they are spot on with what is a good and well made movie. Waltz, better win something !!! I know that damn much !!!

I could possibly see another original script oscar for QT. That would we heavenly.

Hey, I’m QT’s whore and I just want it all for him. w#r