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Why the wedding rehearsal?

Why did Bill decide to kill the Bride at the wedding rehearsal and not the wedding? I wouldn’t have thought to ask but they seem to make a big deal pointing out it was the rehearsal and not the wedding.

Any ideas?

To explain why there were too few people there. Also if it was a wedding rehearsal, he (QT) could have that brilliant introduction to Bill which is very GBU-like. Also, making it a rehearsal, would open for talks between the Bride and Bill to take place. If it was a proper wedding, there would have been too many people there (as mentioned by Reverand Harmony) and how could Bill possibly talk to the Bride as she would have been too busy.

Plus it would have been a TOTAL massacre if it was the actual wedding.

That’s it? With number of times it was pointed out as a rehearsal I would think that there is more to it. I thought perhaps some reference to another movie.

They didn’t mention it was a rehearsal every 5 mins, they must have mentioned it like twice.

I think there was a little more than that to it being a rehearsal.

I think the twist is that Bill thinks it’s the actual wedding and that she chooses her new life instead of him, breaking his heart, but in fact its not her actual wedding, and this makes it more of a shock and an unexpected massacre.

 It does give a more exciting twist on things, wen u see vol.2, cos u think its the actual wedding in vol1. I think that the Bride is even more scorned because it was on her wedding rehearsal, and maybe more confusing for her to recollect just why Bill did this to her. ???

Bill knew it was a wedding rehearsal, he said so in the film.

“I’ve heard of wedding rehearsals”

Why would Bill want to kill her at her wedding anyway.

It would just cause unnecesary (sp?) casualties.

He only mentioned that it was a rehearsal to show the fact how it had become “legend” how people are getting the story wrong as they pass it by word of mouth. The only people that knew it was a rehearsal are all dead (except for the family that were to show up all the way from Oklahoma) Anyway… she’s just explaining that no one knows the true story, but here it is. Which is why it was cool in 2 volumes, I think. The way people explained that she was shot inthe head by Bill at her wedding and how many people died. It’s just kind of funny that it fit so well with the audience that talked about it.

IRT aaron

Yes, now that I think about it, it is kinda cool to sorta have the KillBillverse interact with the real world. Never really thought of that.