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Why so little screencaps of Jackie Brown?


There are websites where you can get screencaps for almost every scene in a movie. For example this is a site with 100’s of screencaps of Kill Bill,

Why not for Jackie Brown?

My fav QT movie, but do you really need anymore screencaps than this one? :slight_smile:

My fav QT movie, but do you really need anymore screencaps than this one? :slight_smile:


hahaha… we all got that one, but why hasn’t there been anyone to do this for JB? If I knew exactly how to make ur own screencaps, I’d do it myself.

yeah, it is sad that JB doesn’t get any attention from anything. Like I said my fav QT movie, and I need to learn how to make my own screencaps too.

I looked it up, and it seems a very big pain in the ass to do, but I’ll keep looking.

btw, how do u post pics like that? idk how to do so :frowning:

you copy in the link and paste it between [img /img] but seal them off like []LINK[]

or off the computer. like take that pic I posted right, then right click on it to see “properties” hit that, then copy the URL address.

Then type in [img “with another”]“paste url here”[/img “then end it with”] everything I “” don’t include.

or dude, easier, hit reply, don’t do a quick reply, hit the button reply, you will see a toolbar full of stuff like the smile things. You will see a picture button that says insert image or something. Hit that and it will bring up what you need. Paste the url in between ]URL[

almost. Paste this in between:


NAILED IT DUDE! :slight_smile:

Omg I feel like a noob :stuck_out_tongue: lol tyvm

No prob dude. It’s 2 in the morning, nobody is reading this. As long as we get to see that picture over and over, I’m happy. :slight_smile: Well, I’m going to hop off here, watch some T.V. before I hit the bed. Talk to ya later friend.

same here, ttyl.


Anyone who can explain to me how to make screencaps, please do, and I’ll make a website for’em so everyone can enjoy them.

You can make screencaps on Nero Showtime