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Why Does Nice Guy Eddie Ask "Why Are You Beating On Him?"?

. . . when nice guy eddie shows up at the warehouse and mr. white and mr. pink are abusing marvin the cop nice guy eddie says a very strange thing. he exclaims, “why are you beating on him like that?” . . .

. . . this makes no sense to me. shouldn’t it be obvious why they’re beating on marvin the cop? because he’s a police officer. nice guy eddie himself is a hardcore gangster, a career criminal, a lifetime crook. the cops are clearly the enemy. you’d think his reaction would be along the lines of allright, you caught a cop! let me have a poke at him too!

. . . why would nice guy eddie even have the remotest sympathy for a pig? and why would he not understand the natural reaction of his partners to beat the shit out of a cop?

Maybe he’s just playing a gangster cos that’s what Daddy does. No doubt he’d kill a dude, but maybe he doesn’t abide torture. I have to say, I don’t care.