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Why do we like anti heros?

Im still trying to get research from tarentino fans about the appeal of anti heros. My question to you is why do we like Vince & Beatrix, what is the appeal of these anti heros? Please help me with my research…thank you ;D

Not sure this is on the right board, but whatever.

I’ve always like anti-heroes or at least horribly flawed characters. My favourite film and literature characters are drunks, addicts, compulsive gamblers, perverts and all-round miserable guys. There is just something about these characters that strikes a chord with me.

Tarantino creates characters that fit into classic film molds yet possess very human characteristics (the dialogue is one the main reasons for this). I think Beatrix is a little different though, because although she is bad, the people she has to kill are worse. It’s kind of choosing the lesser of two evils. With characters like Vince… I think people are just genuinely attracted to crime. It’s adventurous in cinema. I mean, if you asked me why I enjoy a pervert far more than a wholesome baseball player, I’d just say because I don’t really like things that are normal. But I don’t know if I can really give you a good answer as to why the normal person like anti-heroes. I just know that I like when my heroes are not heroes at all.

I thinks it’s about watching people do things you wouldn’t be brave or dumb enough to do. I think we all like to live on the wild side, some live deeper into the wild side than others and that’s fascinating.


Thank you for your feedback guys, you’ve really helped my research, cheers for taking the time to do that,

No, problem mate, happy to help ya! :smiley: