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Who's side was Erik on?

This might have been covered before, but I wanted to await the DVD (Instant replay/Slo-Mo) for confirmation. Needless to say, I’m still confused.

OPERATION KINO-Erik The Bartender

Upon inital viewing, I though Erik was collaborating with Bridgette in the basement (The way he threw the innocent, female maid to play with the Germans at table #2 to keep the Germans distracted. And how he sneakily reached for his shotgun after Archie’s cover was blown)


During the shootout, he clearly aims his shotgun at the Allies’ table (*Possibly shooting at Hugo) and causing “Basterd Wicki” to kill him in the process. So what’s the deal? Anybody have any idea?

*Regarding Hugo–My first two theatrical viewings had me believe that the female German instantly killed Hugo. She definetly shoots & wounds him, but as the scene plays out, he’s still very much alive and clears out the rest of table #2 with his pistol. But the fast-editing seems to say that Erik’s shotgun brings him to an end. Any other ideas?

No. I am confused about that as well. I can’t imagine him being on the Nazi’s side, however, it does give you that feeling.

Yeah, now I really see the connection between this scene and Reservoir Dogs. Instead of “Who shot Nice Guy Eddie?”, It’s “Who was Erik aiming at?”

Erik was obviously nerved by the “German Officers”, he could smell the guise by just looking at them. The tavern was filled with Germans and there were only three of the Basterds in their guise, and like seven Germans soldiers. He wasn’t going to risk his life by being a hero of some kind - unless he was a French Resistance fighter, but none of that is established because it is not important or relevant to the plot.

I reckon Erik was just looking to protect his bar / livelihood. As far as he knew he wouldve thought the basterds were nazis too until their cover was blown, he was just a bar guy looking to wipe out anyone who’d kick off; sending the barmaid to play the game seems to me to be part of that, to avoid any trouble. Thats the impression I got, anyway